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Daily Travel News 30.03.04


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  • Added on: March 30th, 2004
(Well yesterday drug my sorry behind out behind the woodshed. I'm sorry for the missing news, I'll try to get caught up today.)

Foreigners on the Catwalk

"The emulous world of modelling has just become a little more cut-throat with a spate of central European models, with killer bodies and no hang-ups, willing to work for a fraction of what top Indian models demand."

Reducing the Risk of Terrorism in International Travel

"The new Terrorism Travel Planner -- Internationalâ„¢ puts all information needed to reduce your chances of being a terror victim while traveling abroad in an easy-to-access data base for handheld devices."

New Travel accesories

"More than 5,000 luggage and travel manufacturers, retailers and suppliers attended the Travel Goods convention in Washington last month."

Travel Notes

"To go, or not to go? To help you decide whether to visit Stratford, Ontario, this year, get a free visitor's guide that lists hotels, plays and attractions."

Belgian and Alaska Adventurers

"SAVOONGA - A Belgian and an Alaskan are scouting the ice conditions on the treacherous Bering Strait for an expedition across it next year."

Nurse Travels as Part of Her Career

"A traveling neighbor is a still a neighbor and Jane Sirek is our neighbor for 13 weeks.
Sirek is part of the traveling nurse world, on the road as they take short-term jobs at hospitals that need additional help."

CAPPSII Curbed, Trusted Traveler Gets Okay

"MARCH 29, 2004 -- Beaten up by pundits and press, the CAPPS II air traveler security system is taking the jump seat in favor of a pilot for the voluntary registered traveler concept that the Bush administration this month said would begin in June. The registered traveler program will be examined for three months in an undetermined set of airports, said a Transportation Security Administration spokesperson, claiming that press reports were wrong to name five specific airports."

Vacation Rates Head South in the Carribean

"As U.S. temperatures rise, Caribbean hotel rates are poised for their annual April plunge."

Expect Airport Delays

" Expect longer waits at the airport because a lot of them won't be able to cope with traffic by 2020 unless they expand."

Europes Toughest mokingBan Takes Effect in Ireland

"DUBLIN (AFP) — The toughest smoking ban in Europe went into effect in pubs, bars and workplaces across Ireland on Monday, with the government predicting that it will save up to 150 lives a year from passive smoking."

Travel Gadgets

"I have a travelling dream. It's the one in which the trip is organised by my personal assistant, I am never lost or confused because I have a personal guide and translator, and my bodyguard is beside me in the limo minding my platinum credit card.

Then I wake up and remember that real travelling involves seats designed for aliens, screaming children across the aisle, stolen valuables, plugs that don't fit, phones that don't go and permanently dishevelled clothes."

Backpackers and Internet Cafes

"Backpackers are the true wired generation who like to stay in touch with home whilst globetrotting and are more interested in the latest gadgets rather than jetting off to find themselves according to a study released today by Yahoo! Mail."

Future Travel; How will we get around?

"The prospect of a revolution in air travel has been raised by Nasa's successful test of a 5,000mph plane. But are we likely to see similar advances in other forms of transport?"

Air Travel Needs to Get Back on Track

"IT has been some months since the Government published its White Paper on the future of air transport. It followed the lengthy consultation which the Department of Transport carried out in which half a million responses were received, showing the importance of the issue both nationally and to local communities throughout the country."

Air Travel 'Of Enormous Concern' for Global Warming

"The growth of air travel and its impact on global warming is “an issue of enormous concern”, the Government’s chief scientific adviser warned today."

Plan to Close Minimbah Hostel

"REGIONAL students have been dealt a blow by the Bracks Government with the only subsidised city accommodation for rural students set to close."

Steam Locomotive Attracts Crowds

"ABOARD LOCOMOTIVE 3985 (AP) -- When Steve Lee drives by, cattle stampede, deer run for their lives, fish jump from the water, children grin and gape and grown-ups wave.

It's not the force of Lee's personality that changes the world as he moves through it, but rather what he's driving -- a million-pound steam locomotive that shakes the ground as its 12 drive wheels churn along the rails."

Third Space Tourist Prepares for Orbit

"NEW YORK (AP) -- The next civilian to be rocketed into orbit at his own expense won't just be enjoying the ride: Gregory Olsen, a scientist who made a fortune with optics inventions, plans to do some research during his $20 million trip to the International Space Station."

EU to Gather Air Passenger Data

"BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) -- The European Union plans to ask airlines to hand over information about air travelers to EU authorities, a move that follows hotly-debated U.S. data gathering plans to combat terror, said diplomats."

Gay Tourism Growing in Buenos Aires

"BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) -- A pair of tango dancers moves awkwardly across the floor, laughing as they try to avoid stepping on one another's toes. As tango classics waft out of the sound system and a disco ball casts its refracted light, the pair is like any other learning a new dance -- except they're both men."

Mexico's Airports Gave Illegal Power to US Agents

"MEXICO CITY (AP) — Stepped-up anti-terror measures at Mexico's international airports violated passengers' rights by allowing improper passport checks, the National Human Rights Commission said Monday."

Planned Casino Will Have Highest Rooms in Vegas

"LAS VEGAS (AP) — Billionaire casino-hotel developer Sheldon Adelson intends to build a new 53-story megaresort called The Palazzo.
The proposed megaresort would be next to The Venetian hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Adelson is board chairman of Las Vegas Sands Inc., the parent company of The Venetian. "

(more to follow)

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.
Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.

--Have you read the news today?--


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  • Added on: March 30th, 2004
As always, very impressed. Every time you post this, I have another reason (or 10) to procrastinate! Smile


"I think about all the different ways we leave people in this world. Cheerily waving goodbye to some at airports, knowing we'll never see each other again. Leaving others on the side of the road, hoping that we will" Amy Tan
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  • Added on: March 30th, 2004
Passports to US May Get Pilfered

"I want to travel to the US with my husband and daughter to attend my son’s graduation there. We had all applied for visitors’ visa and were granted it. We then thought of also travelling to Canada and therefore my husband sent our passports to the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi by registered post A/D. More than 15 days have passed, but we have neither received the acknowledgement of the Canadian High Commission of having received our passports nor have we received our passports back. All enquiries made with the V. P. Road Post Office, Mumbai from where the passports were sent are in vain. We are informed that since the last few days their computer system is not working and they are therefore unable to track our packet which was sent to them to Chanakyapuri Post Office, New Delhi . I have made several phone calls to the Canadian High Commission to enquire with them whether they have received our passports or not, but have not received any reply from them. Under these circumstances, what should we do?"

To Cuba With Love

"TAMPA - On Thursday mornings, Jose Rangel hops in a van loaded with parcels and begins a five-hour trek to Miami, where the packages eventually will be stowed aboard an airplane bound for Cuba.
Rangel's round-trip drive is a weekly duty he performs as a service for Cubans living in the Tampa Bay area."

Southwest Launches Fare Sale

"Southwest Airlines has launched a fare sale to various cities in Florida."

Civil Liberties Groups Fear Travel Surveillance

"Development is well behind schedule for a new national system to screen airplane passengers. Homeland security officials say the system, known as CAPPS II, is a critical tool to prevent a repeat of 9/11. But Northwest and other airlines are reluctant to even help test it, citing concern about passenger privacy. Some experts see an emerging battle between security and civil liberties that can only be settled in the courts."

Affordable Europe

"While the euro is off the $1.29 high it hit earlier this year, it still costs about $1.21 to buy a euro now. But there are some destinations, and travel tips, that can bolster your weak dollar."

Duty Free; Know Your Allowances

"Great prices and a wide selection of products makes duty free shopping a must for the bargain hunting traveller - but BEWARE! Your duty free delights could turn sour if you get too carried away with your purchases. Save yourself the drama and make sure you know the duty free allowances before you travel."

Thai Bomb Sparks Tourism Worries

"The first bombing of a tourist venue in Thailand's troubled Muslim south has sparked a weekend exodus of Malaysian visitors and fuelled fears of wider hit to the country's key tourism trade."

Middle Earth Mania

"March 30 — Hobbits, wizards and orcs are helping draw so many tourists to New Zealand that travelers are about to vanquish dairy farmers as New Zealand's No. 1 export earners."

France and Germany to Ease Visa Restrictions for Russian Travelers

"RBC, 30.03.2004, Moscow 10:56:04.France and Germany have drafted a proposal to ease visa restrictions for some classes of Russian visa applicants to the European Union, according to recent reports in European newspapers, the St. Petersburg Times said. Germany and France have prepared documents that call for a looser travel regime for businessmen and other groups, and to do away with taxes on visas for both EU citizens traveling to Russia and Russian citizens traveling to the EU."

Last Minute Aukland Hotel Bargains

"This South Pacific waterside city of over a million has a strong pulse and a nautical twinkle in the eye. Its unique location, surrounded by the Pacific on just about every side on a thin stretch of the North Island, is complemented by the lush subtropical forests of the nearby hills and islands. "

Why Croatia's Riviera is Best by Hvar

"Croatia is a country now largely free of scars from the Balkan wars of the Nineties.

It has reason to be optimistic for this is a country that combines modern, cosmopolitan, Mediterranean flair with restrained Venetian grandeur and just a dash of Austro-Hungarian baroque imperialism."

British Backpacker Dies

"A 19-year-old British backpacker has been swept to her death after attempting to kayak down a swollen river in New Zealand.

The woman, who has not been named, was travelling with two friends down one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the South Island."

We're Not Moving Say Moteliers

"A $2 million relocation package for flood-risk businesses at Franz Josef Glacier appears to have failed.

For the first time in New Zealand, Civil Defence will erect official signs on July 1 at the entrance to the businesses, warning visitors not to stay there. None of the businesses will have shifted by then. "

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.
Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.

--Have you read the news today?--


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Holds PhD in Packing
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  • Added on: March 30th, 2004
Good procrastination resources can be hard to come by on some days. Big Grin Glad to be of service!

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.
Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.

--Have you read the news today?--

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