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Dealing with Culture Shock - Peru, South America by Sharon Couzens de Hinojosa


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  • Added on: August 10th, 2008
RE: http://www.bootsnall.com/articles/08-07/dealing-with-cu...u-south-america.html

It was an OK article but I never saw a definition of culture shock. Don't know whether I've ever had it before or not.


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  • Added on: August 10th, 2008
Well, to me what is described in the article, is not culture shock, but to be expected differences between living in different places of similar cultures. I moved to the US from Switzerland, didn't speak a whole lot of English, though I had a good grip on the grammar from studying English in school. I had to make many of the adjustments talked about in the article, but I never thought of it as culture shock.

On the other hand, had I moved to a country where the majority of the population had a different religion, where women had no rights, etc., etc. - that would have been culture shock.

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