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Do NOT Wear Lonsdale in Holland.


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  • Added on: March 3rd, 2014
Hey all wow well this is my first post im slightly insulted by a couple of these posts in this post so i thought i would have my say as i think some people are slightly confused here (or listening to lies in the press)
firstly i would like to say i am a Skinhead my self and like 95% of all skinheads im not a neo nazi (most neo nazis are not skinheads as a large part of the skinhead movement belong to the left wing, reggae and gay scene), im not racist and im not violent...
the lonsdale brand is widely worn across Europe by most people just because its a good quality brand that a lot of sports shops are selling cheap. and i have sported my lonsdale shirts all around Europe with not trouble at all other brands favored by skinheads are Fred Perry and Ben Sherman .
in england we have only been told lonsdale should not be worn in Germany because there police have asked people not to wear it because of there up and coming "fourth reich" use it s the NSDA is there initials for there movement, i have never heard about folding shirts to match the P from the NSDAP of the second world war but across europe that does not translate anyway.
the way of identifying skinheads and where they stand on political or racial beliefs are in many other ways so it could be handy to know these things should you be approached:
patches and tattoos are a give away for instance if they have a helmet like a ancient warrior that is the symbol for Trojan records which produce reggae etc they tend to be left wing and tradition skins or SHARP skinheads (skinheads against recial prejudice) they also use the word sharp quite a lot
the 1488 or 88 (Adolf Hitler hiel Hitler) id not give the anyone these days the credit of saying there inventive that's been used for donkeys years in retaliation to swastikas being band in a lot of countries (also a swastika often is attached to someone with Hindu beliefs as it is a charm for peace, luck and love that was adopted by the nazi party so that shouldn't be assumed means there a nazi either unless they have the other traits lol)
BE AWARE if you see anyone with C18 or combat 18 on them be very careful combat 18 is a world wide very dangerous i guess you might say gang they are militantly racist and have been known to kill each other for things they believe makes them traitors (i have been called a "race traitor" on one run in as my ex girlfriend was chinese)
also the OI! symbol often is attached to skinheads who are of no political stance and comes from a genre of music they listen to
bootlaces are a good way of telling in England and Europeans that take not from the traditional British movements (where it started):
Red laces = right wing or nationalist supported (not necessarily racist or nazi)
white laces = a true skinhead (could be of any opinion its just when you are considered a true skin)
black laces = traditional skin
yellow laces = commie (there usually worn by left to far left wingers (includng anarchists))
green may also be worn and traditional skin heads may also wear various colours
if they follow the American skinhead movement (of the neo nazi skins anyway im sure a lot of American skins are not nazis)
black= a new skin
white= nationalist and a white power
red= the red laces are like a trophy for them it means they have drawn serious blood (hospitalized or killed normally a member of a ethnic minority)
and yellow laces signifies they have made a serious assault against a law enforcement officer.
i imagine European skins probably follow this Americanism of meaning so if they have those laces with clearly extreme right wing symbols such as tottenkopf or three 7's in the shape almost of a swastika also a round swastika then i would be extremely weary.
a Celtic cross (circle with a cross through it or equal lengths) is often used to signify white pride but again if that's all the person has id not assume they are using this in that sense.
for instance i have some pagan beliefs and have a volknut tattooed on my arm which is a ancient burial symbol in parts of Scandinavian to show someones commitment to Odin neo nazis use this to signify they will give there life to odin for the white race so doesn't strictly equal a racist nor do life runes etc.
there is also a symbol "crucified skinhead" literally a skinhead on a cross neo nazis sometimes use this to show they have been in prison but generally skinheads use this to show the plight of the working class or to signify the Crucifixion of skinheads as people see us and assume we are racist, violent and criminal thanks to a few idiot and news papers. for instance in England at least statistically more then 70% of all crimes are comited while wearing Nike trainers ...i do not know a single skin that owns a pair as they dont go very well with rolled up trousers and bleachers lol.
and lastly i had noticed a comment that someone made that "hopefully they have not completely sold out on humanity" or something to that effect... that can only suggest when they were occupied by the nazi regime and id like to point out all across Europe and Holland there grandfathers died fighting the nazi regime as a lot of Germans also did and not just the few members of the resistance many people fled to my country where they formed army units within the British army to combat the nazis and every day people getting on with there lives also did there part for those who where to scared to try and over power the nazis there is nothing wrong with that its human nature to try and not get your self killed. if you do some research you will find that even in concentration camps there where "privileged" inmates who got treated a bit better as they formed a unit of Jewish people whos job it was to gas there own people and empty the chambers then every now and then the nazis would shut the door on them too just an example of what people will do if they think they will survive and like wise there where Jewish people American people British people, Australian, south African all serving in the SS and other parts of the nazi regime not to mention the Indian free corps , the British free corps and all the dutch, Norwegian, African and other units in the waffen-ss and you insult the memory of all those who died to defeat the nazi ragime by saying things like selling out on humanity etc.
people here seem worried about wearing what skinheads do though most skinheads are friendly non racist non nazis who took there culture from Jamaica and our movement includes people of every racial back ground and yet if you go through your wardrobes i wonder how many of you have hugo boss products who not only was a nazi member himself but founded the rise of the nazis and from 1924 was an official supplier of ss uniforms or drive a ford supplying money to help the nazi regime
sorry for the massive essay and sorry if anything i have written offend anyone but after reading some comments here i though i should state the facts and i hope what i have said is helpful to people and hopefully realize that being a skinhead is a way of life its not a nazi movement most nazis have hair and just because some groups addopt our style does not make them a skinhead that the press because skinhead sounds scary lol at the end of the day you cant be a racist if your roots come from Jamaica well not if your from a race outside of Jamaica anyway lol if you hate me or "have an allergy" to me because i shave my head and wear boots are you really any less hate filled and neive as someone that hates another person because of the colour of there skin


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  • Added on: March 3rd, 2014
sorry lol but id like to add there was a comment about hoping turkey joins europe... the issues with the right wing arnt going to get worse or be helped by that the town where i live my community is 50% christian, buddhist, athiest and other and 50% islamic.... the right wing groups are getting votes and getting stronger not because they dont like islam or because there arn't a lot of isnlamic people living side by side with us but our government and police fail to protect all residence here... as i child i was approached by 2 pakistani men and one said normally they would beat me up but as one of my friends was islamic they wont at the time i didnt understand what that was all about, an ex girlfriend of mine and my current partner both had been severely beaten by islamic lads in there school and the schools did not punish the guys responsible or get the police involved because "they have to be sensative to there culture" and "would cause to much trouble in the islamic community" another guy i know was badly beaten and now is epileptic from head trauma again the police said please do not press charges it will cause to much trouble in the islamic community and a guy i went to school with with was severley attacked with a claw hammer on his way back from work when he regained consciousness the same thing "please do not press charges it will cause to much trouble in the islamic community" most islamic people are very nice and most are against these people attacking members of the non islamic communities but because the police wont arrest and charge these people like they would anyone else and all government bodies her exercise "positive discrimination" here (the MET police where brought to light as they had a recruiting campaign which excluded white people for instance) and that frustrates people its a failing on the governments and police forces it has nothing to do with adding or loosing more of less people from such and such a community.... i cant speak for holland but on my travels there i did notice most of there migrant population seem to be of turkish decent.
we have a good thing here in england particularly we are so multi cultural and mostly all living happily side by side but the problems wont go away until the government stop looking at people as a special case because they are from such and such a place and stop race and religion coming into things if you attack another human being you should be tried as a human being and a equal that's the problem here

again sorry to rant lol but though some comments i was happy to see other people have got it right other comments here where wrong through to slightly offensive lol.

the main thing is don't be frightened wear what you like because you like it and if you are a seasoned traveler you most likely check out what is going on in countries etc before you go to them normally the embassy websites will have information on current situations and things to avoid so check before you travel!

i have found in most countries regardless of what problems they are facing generally tourists tend to be quite safe because they want the trade/money the tourists bring and with the whole recession thing most people cant afford to scare away tourists


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  • Added on: March 3rd, 2014
made a slight error sorry just realised! if they have 1888 its adolf hitler heil hitler if its 1488 or 14 thats the 14 words of hitler "WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTANCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN." expresed in mein kampf just incase you were wondering lol


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