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Do You Play Tourist in Your Own Town?


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  • Added on: June 8th, 2007
I'm a perpetual tourist. I guess b/c I've never spent more than two years in one city, so I really can't say it is my hometown, but I always try to do touristy things where I live.

Currently I'm in South Florida and I've already marked up my calender with fun things to do. The next thing on my list is looking for Sea Turtles! Apparently it is the season for them to lay eggs and I found a wildlife park that leads you on a tour to find them!

I also made my boyfriend promise to take me to the Delano in South Beach. I can't think of anything more cliche than that. He hates South Beach, but he's lived in FL for years.


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  • Added on: June 8th, 2007
I've prided myself in being a good guide for NYC. I can take people to places in any price range, any cultural place, any sporting adventure, including rock climbing in Manhattan. Years ago, a friend and I set out to conquer the entire New York Book. (the one with the white cover...thats bookstore talk there...)

So, I've really got a grasp of the city. What kills me is when people come and have no idea what to do. Then its shuffle here, pay too much for bad food there, need to pee terrible in the other place. What I've found works best with tour-guiding is to take it slow, and enjoy one place rather than to buzz through 10.

Recent touristy ventures I've taken on my own or with Mr. Marty were to Woodlawn Cemetary in the Bronx, the New York City Transit Museum, and a bike ride through Western Queens. On the Queens ride, we visited China (Flushing) Greece (Astoria)Columbia/Ecuador, and India (Jackson Heights) and happened upon a noodle shop where the counter guy was hand-pulling noodles, and a bowl was only $4.50.

"To be bored, you must be boring" More true words could never be spoken, especially about the 5 boroughs of New York City!!!
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  • Added on: June 8th, 2007
Although Duluth gets a lot of tourists (3m visitors for 85,000 people), especially in the summer and early fall months, the activities a typical tourist would or places they would go aren't that much different than the things a typical active Duluthian would do from time to time. For example, the main "tourist" district, Canal Park, is also very popular with local youth, and its Lakewalk popular with locals in general, even though not many of them are going to be staring at awe at giant ships entering the port (something tourists are known for here).

I suppose I've been to most of the places around here of touristic interest, e.g. the museums, etc., but am woefully lacking in experience of the beautiful nearby North Shore (never been to Tettegouche, Gooseberry, etc.), though I hope to change that hiking this summer.

EDIT: I forgot...I've never been to the Great Lakes Aquarium, which opened in 2000.
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  • Added on: June 12th, 2007
Here we eat lobsters along with the tourists. Everyone always complains about tourists, but a lot of the locals never go anywhere else because they think there is no place as good as Maine. It is beautiful here, but so are a lot of other places!

My guy and I like to put the top down on the jeep and ride around the back roads; there are a lot of farms and coves hidden on back roads around here.


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  • Added on: June 17th, 2007

Yes, I try to check out sites in my own town but I have to admit that I have not seen some of the main tourist attractions of Norway like Geiranger fjord, Trollstigen etc. I'm always shocked when I meet people in my hometown Stavanger that has not visted the main attractions here in the area: Pulpit rock and Kjerag. But I guess most Norwegians travel to find bigger cities and places that can offer more stable weather is the summer time :-)
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  • Added on: March 4th, 2008
I live in a small, rural community, but I love to do the "tourist" things in our area. I have the benefit of choosing quiet times to go in order to avoid crowds, and of learning about local history as I see the sites.

I also enjoy finding things that aren't as well-known and exploring them. Even in the middle of nowhere, it's surprising how many interesting things there are to do without driving more than a couple of hours.
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  • Added on: March 14th, 2008
Yes I do the touristy stuff as well as the local. I would have to say as a tourist in my own community I try new restaurants all the time. I think my dream adventure is to travel the world and try food, beer, and wine. Since that is the case I am starting in my own town, Portland, OR. The other thing I do is go to Multnomah Falls and do the five mile hike around the top. That place deserves the tourist award for waterfalls it is freakin beautiful.

Now there are definitely things on my list that I haven't done in P-town as well. Riding the giant jelly bean, AKA the tram. Which I hear is really a cool experience but haven't done it yet.

Any suggestions from other locals would be good?
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  • Added on: March 27th, 2008
Dude, NOBODY in detroit has been to the motown museum and I feel sorry for the clueless tourists who want to see it! LOL I dont even DRIVE thru that part of town (there's no reason to, unless you want drug or visiting poor relatives).

So I would have to give this a big fat no. However, I no long reside in my hometown either. And I honestly have no plans of ever going back.

nancy sv

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  • Added on: March 27th, 2008
Sadly, I don't. I really would love to, but I find with working full time and being a soccer mom, I just don't have time. Yes, if it was a higher priority I would find the time, but I guess it's not.

That being said, I am now living in the town I grew up in, so have seen most of what there is to see around here. When I lived overseas I did the tourist stuff all the time.
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  • Added on: March 29th, 2008
love the own-city tourist thing. I have even volunteered and worked at a few tourist attractions over summers, which was fun and gave me a new perspective on the city. Visiting a tourist attraction or museum is a GREAT date idea (or babysitting idea), even if you've been living in the city all your life (my SO and I used to do that tons when we first started dating... we should start doing that again!) It's a great conversation starter, constantly seeing/learning about unique and cool things at museums, and trading stories about past experiences there as a child!

Even though I overdid the touristy stuff when I was a kid, I was surprised with how much I forgot and how much has changed over the years! two thumbs up from me!!


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  • Added on: March 30th, 2008
I just got a chance to play tourist in San Francisco a few weeks ago. My global work team came to our office in Palo Alto so we had to think of fun stuff for them to do.

Can you believe I took a duck tour? It was actually alot of fun, one the women from Germany and another from Israel got to drive the boat out in the bay. And you are way out there in the bay floating outside the ballpark. I'd never been there before.

We also rode the cable car from the fisherman's wharf up to Chinatown and they shopped. Seemed silly for me to shop since I live here, but they had loads of fun and then we went to a very fancy touristy Chinese restaurant which had pretty nice food.

It made me think of other stuff I wish I'd thought to recommend to them. Khan Toke thai restaurant out on Geary Ave (it is so beautiful and the food is great). And touring the linear accelearator at Stanford before they stop giving tours.

I guess I should sightsee more often around here.


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  • Added on: November 23rd, 2008
Still haven't been to a Titans game, the Grand Ole Opry, CMA Fest, or the country music hall of fame. I'd like to go to a football game. Don't really care if I don't get around to the rest.

But I've been in Tootsie's and past the other honky-tonks. I honestly forget they're here, because that definitely isn't my thing...


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  • Added on: November 24th, 2008
Once a year (at least) a bunch of Booties descend on the city of Portland and I get to check out a bunch of stuff I've never checked out before. Vineyards, Mt. St. Helens, the Portland Art Museum, etc. Visitors are a great excuse to check out attractions that get lost in the shuffle of daily routine.


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  • Added on: November 27th, 2008
larizzle, I've been to those places and saw the Titans when they were in Houston.
I spent five years in a small town that didn't have much in the way of sights-to-see. Since I'm back close to a big city, I don't take it for granted anymore. I try to see all the sights that a visitor would.
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  • Added on: December 30th, 2008
On this trip home for the holidays, I've been a little touristy. Difficult to do, considering it's Roanoke. Wink

I checked out the new art museum, which was about as good as one could expect for the area... but all cities need to start somewhere, I suppose.

I do love the downtown area, which is quite small, but clean and pretty lively. Looking over the city from the star is pretty nice as well.

If you're driving along I-81 and need to stop for a bit, stop over in Roanoke... it's pleasant, and there's enough to see to spend a day at a leisurely pace. Smile
Any longer than a day may be tough though, unless you have family or friends in the area.


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