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  • Added on: May 16th, 2004
Hello everyone,

My name is Mike. I just turned 27, and although I am starting to feel old, I still have numerous wild oats to sow before I can ever think of settling down for the long haul. At the moment, I am working in an IT department here in Fort Worth, so that my wife and I might be able to put back enough in the way of funds, to support a move to Iceland for about a year, before embarking on our first round the world bonanza.

Basically, I got into travel while going to university at Texas Tech. I grew up in the scouts, and in time grew to be a pretty big alpine and rock guru. In the summer of 1998, I got the chance to work in Kandersteg, Switzerland teaching kids how to climb, and ironically, this is where I met my future wife, Inga, from Iceland. That same summer, I had my horizons expanded and my mind blown by eurorailing around all over the continent, and in short, had the time of my life. Having had so much fun, I decided to work in Switzerland again in 1999, though even longer this time, and in 2000, I spent my summer away from University running a swimming pool for German and American kids in Dautphe, Germany. (about an hour north of Frankfurt)

I like this website, I like these kinds of kindred spirits, and I like this atmosphere. Good luck with your travels…….

Nice to meet you all......

Dan W

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  • Added on: May 16th, 2004
Hello, my name is <---- Dan

I talk incessantly about my RTW since I returned well... a year ago on the 22nd May and now live my life through the travellers I have crash on my couch, my flatmates (a South African n' a Mexican) and spend most of my time cooking breakfast.

I probably drink too much, I DEFINATELY smoke too much (mmm) and try and be responsible by letting the government and tax payers know that their taxes are paying for my education (scam city English folks - wait till your 25 to go to uni)

Im studying a BA in Digital Animation and sell computer games to kids who dont know when to shut up. I used to be a web designer (shit), ran an internet cafe (fun) and ran bar's for a while (bad).

Aside from that, im planning my 30th birthday present of a RTW without flights, how to get more beer "right now" and figuring out this bloody Avid video editing program!

Ta ta!


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  • Added on: May 16th, 2004
My name is Amy. I'm 19, and am from Western Massachusetts (the Berkshires- anybody been there? email me if you're going!!, but am currently in Dublin, working for the summer. I've always had trouble staying in one place for two long, so when I was in high school, I finished as early as I could, saved a bunch of cash, and when I was 17, spent several months in Ireland, London and Rome by myself. I got lonely, and when my best friend finished school, we backpacked around europe together. I spend a few months in Tanzania teaching english, then decided it was time to start college. I lasted for one year at Boston College, majoring in International Studies- the monotony made me crazy (as did the melfloquine I took in Tanzania- that shit is scary). Then I decided that if I'm willing to spend six years getting my degrees, there's nothing wrong with taking that much time to travel, too- but then there's the whole money thing. Crazy as it sounds, I decided to bite the bullet and become a stripper- it doesn't bother me, and I can earn enough in a summer to travel for a year- if taking my clothes off and shaking my ass around will buy five years of seeing the world, why not? My best friend, the same one who I backpacked Europe with, who was also my college roomate, sort of had the same idea at the same time, and we're going to do it together. So, we've decided to take the next five years to travel, taking two months of every year to work. We've spent a couple of weeks visiting family and friends over here, and our work permits start next wednesday...gulp... but seriously, the freedom I've felt since making this choice has been amazing, I feel like the luckiest person in the world, and we have an amazing five years ahead of us. It felt so liberating to sell everything I own, give the cat to my sister, give up the apartment. When our permits run out, we're planning to spend the fall, winter, and spring in Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. So, so excited.
Anyway, I joined this site a few weeks ago, but didn't really want to post b/c thought I should introduce myself first... well, now I have. It took awhile to get the visa situation straightened out, and this site is great for distracting myself by reading about other people's experiences Smile
Don't want to blabber too much--
peace, Amy


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  • Added on: May 17th, 2004
My name is Owen O'Leary and I am 25 and I currently reside in Honolulu Hawaii. I was born in Bozeman Montana, where I lived until I was two. I then lived in Boise Idaho till I was 18. I went to UC Santa Cruz for my undergraduate education and my family moved to the bay area (Woodside). After college I worked for a year and then moved to Hawaii to start graduate school.

I am an archaeologist who focuses on marine resource subsistence patterns in Polynesia. a.k.a.

What fish did they eat?
Did it change over time?

In other words I have specialized in the identification and analysis of fish bones left over from thousand year old meals. This translates into spending 9 months a year at UH Manoa in the lab bent over folding tables looking at tiny little bones under bad flourescent lighting. The other three months a year are spent traveling around the south Pacific. FOR FREE!!! So keep paying your taxes so I can keep getting grant money!

I have been to France, England (twice), Germany, Italy, Morocco, Kenya, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Easter Island (twice), and Tahiti (twice).

Hobbies include surfing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, oh, and travel of course. I really loved Morocco and I would love to visit more Muslim countries like Turkey and Egypt. But truth be told, my motto for travel is:

"I've never been there... Let's go!"

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the places and moments that take our breath away."
"The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but be in the mystery."


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  • Added on: May 17th, 2004
Hello everyone! My name is Sotiris, 15 years old and I live in Greece. As you can see, at this age I can' t have any great travelling experience, but travelling (especially with its wandering meaning) has always been something fantastic to me. Since I was a 10 years old child, I tried to convince my best friend to come with me to a trip around the world! My overall travelling experience is limited to trips inside Greece in the summertime with my parents and some other day excursions. However, it was never enough: I always looked for something more adventurous and independent. At age 14 the first opportunity came: a 7 days trip to England with an exchange program. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks of 11 September. Until now, no other chance of an abroad journey has appeared.
I have been working in a tavern as a waiter for two months and I' m already gathering the necessery money for the tickets, equipment etc for my first travel.

I suppose that I' m the youngest member of the forum so please show mercy!!!

I have planned my first long-term journey after my graduation from the university. I plan to go on a 3 or 4 years voyage around Europe with my best friend. Greece - Italy - France - Spain - Portugal - England - Ireland is the most possible itinery. Of course it is in seven years time so nothing is sure.

Nice to have met you all! Smile
Travelling: Not a will, not a hobby, not a mania, not even a passion. A dream.


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  • Added on: May 17th, 2004
hey sotiris.

if you're already on this site as a 15 year old, i've got no doubt you'll be a great explorer when you're older Wink


"Her particular speciality was to cook things while they were still in the packaging. I was almost full-grown before i realized that clingfilm wasn't a sort of chewy glaze." - Bill Bryson
Mark: Frosties are just cornflakes for people who can't face the real world.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are just Frosties for w*nkers.


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  • Added on: May 17th, 2004
Hey all! My name's Mikey. This site is delish! Guess i'll paste my profile....

Sometimes i feel like i'm 239,000 miles from home. Then i remember there's no surf on the moon. Home is here, wherever there may be waves of water to be ridden. 1st and foremost, i surf. Don't matter if i'm human or not (i am, however). When i'm not 'surfboarding', or dreaming, i'm usually hunkered over a map in search of far-off nooks-n-crannies, dents and protusions along coastlines that look like quality fiesta spots for waves to gather. Mmmmmm.
Guess it comes back to the moon. Tis indeed lovely. It's influence on us and our surroundings is truly wonderful. From tides (personal and other), to inspiration to lunaception...yatta, yatta...What fun!
Big Grin

"everything's better with a sprinklin' of melody, a heaping of harmony and a whole lotta riddim!"
"everything's better with a sprinklin' of melody, a heaping of harmony and a whole lotta riddim!"


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  • Added on: May 18th, 2004
What a great idea for a thread. After a thousand or so tries, LN was bound to come up with a good one eventually.

My name is Shawn Kobb, 27. I grew up Indiana and moved out to Portland, Oregon in 2000 right after getting married. I've done a few jobs out there, but most recently was a 911 dispatcher for the city of Portland.

My wife and I just severed our ties out that way and are currently spending some time back in Indiana visiting people before we take off on a big trip. Destination: Asia. That's about as well as we have it narrowed down. We leave June 6 from Chicago on a one way ticket to Hong Kong. Hopefully, we'll be gone a long time.

I came across BnA while researching for our trip and loved it. Sean and the whole gang here have been very supportive and full of information. The fact that BnA headquarters ended up in Portland made for a great opportunity to meet people and get free drinks on Sean. I hope to repay the favor with a few articles from the road.

Besides travel, I also enjoy film, martial arts, history and politics, acting, improv, and other methods of making a general fool of myself.

I hope a few of your follow along with our blog and feel free to contact me if I can ever help you out.


Follow our travels through Asia at Travelling with Shawn and Jennifer


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  • Added on: May 18th, 2004
Hi, Michelle here, born in Steynsburg a small dorpie in the Karoo of South Africa (I could'nt really tell you where it is.

Been travelling around since I was born & when my parents divorced I was on flights from Swaziland or Lesotho or Johanesburg to Botswana by myself (with the aid of the Unaccompanied Minor Airhostess).
With my stepdad in the hotel business we travelled a bit. I think what sparked my wonderlust was my mom & stepdads yearly international holidays: postcards & prezzies & home videos from all those wonderfully interesting places.

Did the Kibbutz & Moshav thing in Israel & squattercamped & Au paired in Greece in 1990.
& on my return to Botswana fell into the boring occupation of bookkeeper, with only a 10 day holiday to England & Scotland.

Finally last year November, I ran away from home to attempt my RTW. I am now in Mora, New Mexico.

I have total respect for all of you who plan & execute your RTWs, travelling by yourself, planning day by day, using public transport
etc. I hope to end up like you guys.

I love checking on BNA when I can.

Happy Travels

"Practise random kindess & senseless acts of beauty."
"Practise random kindess & senseless acts of beauty."


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  • Added on: May 18th, 2004
ok, so I know I am like the 50th person to do this, but I'll go for it anyway.
My name is Kristi, I'm 21 and currently live in Durango, Colorado. I go to school at Fort Lewis College and am a French major. I plan on going to Chambery, France in January, and I'm beyond excited.
I most definitley have the travel bug, but haven't done too much of it. When I was in High School I went to Belize for 10 days and loved it. Once I graduated I took 3 months and travelled around the U.S. That trip taught me more than any other experience I have had yet. Maybe it was the excitment of graduating, being 18, and knowing that you finally get to choose where you want to go, but that is one of the highest points of my life yet. I can hardly wait to explore the rest of the world.
I've been a member of Boots n'all for about a year now, but wasn't really active until now. (I blame school). Well, I don't want to bore anyone too much, so I'll end this now. But I'd love to meet some new interesting people, so if anyone is bored or whatever, email me.

Matt Kennedy

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  • Added on: May 19th, 2004
Hello, my name is Matt, I was born in January 1977, which puts me at 27 at the time of this post.

My boots are Vasque Sundowners which I got a few months ago and I think they're about broken in. My last pair of boots were Vasque Sojourners which survived nine years of daily wear. Technically they're still wonderful boots, they're just really ugly now, and could probably stand to be resoled, so they've become my paintball boots. I bought the new boots so they would be well broken in for my RTW trip with my brand-spankin'-new wife sometime in 2005. I'm going to try to go for ten, maybe twelve years with this pair, I really hate buying new shoes. If anyone is looking for a new pair of boots, I highly recommend them, they're pricey, but they do last for-burger-ever.

"Burger", incidentally, is my new curse word, if you've seen the editied for television version of Good Will Hunting, you'll know why.

Right, so as I mentioned, I just got married (Dec 2003) and we're selling the house, quitting our jobs and wandering until sometime in 2006. Heather will introduce herself shortly, I think...

I dig learning new things, my current project is to learn how one actually "goes camping". Oh I can make a fire, make a toilet, make, and sleep outside and all, but it turns out there are only certain places one is permitted to do all those things, and sometimes you have to pay for the privilege.

I am also fluent in the southern Delaware dialect of semaphore.
The Wander Yonder

Heather Kennedy

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  • Added on: May 19th, 2004
I'm the 42nd reply. How cool is that? Burger yeah!

Okay, I'm Heather. Wife of Matt (the guy up there ^^^). He did a pretty good job of explaining what we're up to. There's a lot of stuff out there to see. I've been to a few more exotic and dangerous locales, so it will be fun to see how the husband handles those kinds of places.

I am in the process of getting my own Vasque Sundowners (they had to be special-ordered). I am anxious to start breaking them in.

What Matt didn't mention is that the first leg of our journey will be to drive across the US (East to West), then sell the car, and be on our way. So, don't be surprised if you see us begging for a floor on which to sleep.

Next month, I am taking a one-day intensive Travel Writing course. If it's worth anything, I'll post what I learn to that board.

I am excited to try camping, too. I just think I'll wait until the cicadas are gone. Yuck.

"Opportunity does not knock, then knock again, then leave a note saying, 'Sorry I missed you.'" - Fes, That 70s Show
"Opportunity does not knock, then knock again, then leave a note saying, 'Sorry I missed you.'" - Fes, That 70s Show


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  • Added on: May 19th, 2004
hi. my name is scott and i live in michigan. i am originally from wisconsin and have no plans to go back. i've been to mexico and the western countries of south america. right now i am working in automotive engineering and hate it. every day i think about moving to mexico to teach english so maybe one of these days it will happen! this site is awesome and the info is invaluable. see y'all around Smile

Sor Raimunda

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  • Added on: May 19th, 2004
My name is Gabriela, I'm one of the few BootsNAllers from Argentna.

I was borned in Bahía Blanca (in the province of Buenos Aires) and 12 years ago I moved to Buenos Aires. My parents still live in Bahía Blanca and I'm planning to visit them next month (just a 3 day weekend).
I found this place months ago when I started planning my first big trip to Europe and I'm really happy

Hope to find you on the road



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  • Added on: May 20th, 2004
Hi, I'm Mark, and still something of a poser. I'll get to that in a moment.

First I'll dispense with the details, 32 years old, single, living and working as a project manager in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. I was born in LA (Lower Alabama) and raised in Central Georgia. This pretty much describes where I've lived and traveled most of my life.

Neither of my parents are much for travelling and the two of them together on a trip is a recipe for disaster. So, our family trips (typically to 'bama to see family or the gulf beaches of FL) pretty much ended by the time I was 10 years old.

I think inside I've always had a travelling bug but haven't been able to express it. I've always known I would travel some, but always found an excuse not to.

Then this past year, conveniently close to when my folks gave me money to buy my own Christmas presents, British Airways offered a really great sale to coincide with the 100th anniversary of flight. I agonized for days. Go? Don't go? Why? Why not? I think I about drove a few friends bonkers. The worrisome part was going alone. That was unexplored territory. But after a friend, innocently suggested maybe now wasn't the time, I suddenly realized that I was looking for any excuse NOT to go. So, I finally booked a short, short vacation to London - four days. Some courage left me and I booked a budget hotel instead of my original hostel plans. But I went last month and I had a totally awesome time!

I've already paid for my next flight and a deposit on a hostel a friend recommended. I fly to London next Dec. 27th and then I'm heading up to Edinburgh to stay for 6 nights, including hogmanay.

I know these aren't exactly grand RTW trips, but I'm taking baby steps (at 30+ no less). Hence why I said I'm a poser right now. And unfortunately at this point, I still have the odd debt that won't be paid off for a couple of years. After that, there's serious thoughts in my head of doing some more drastic travelling if I can figure out how to make it happen.

That said, this is an aweomse site, and I had some great advice from here along the way. I'm working to keep track of what's going on here. If others will be in Edinburgh this New Year's hope to meet ya!


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