Eire is more than just Guinness, green hills and redheads... Come talk about what makes Ireland so special.

Dublin is not expensive and here's why


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  • Added on: December 5th, 2008
Dublin and Ireland are not expensive if you couchsurf and shop at tesco.

Avoid Temple Bar, or the street in general, as it is a huge tourist trap and they try and sell pints for atrocious prices like 6 to 6.50 euros, if I remember correctly. I didn't even bother going in, but I have heard it is packed with nothing but tourists, so it lacks that Irish feel. Instead, we (gf and I) rented a car, got lost in the country side (almost literally) and ended up going to a town that wasn't even on the map, in Kerry country, to have a pint. Now that my friend, is authentic! There are some hidden gems in West Cork county too. Never mind the overpriced hotels and B and Bs, just set your tent up anywhere, as many areas, especially on the peninsulas in West Cork, are full of nature and places to tent. Free accommodation! (Plus as I said, CSing is grand).

Ireland is not all that expensive!!

Rawjer - I agree. Dublin failed to impress me. I was supposed to spend four days there but left after two. There are some lovely areas around Dublin (Dun Laoghaire, Howth) but not to many in the city (St. Stephens Green which is supposed to be dug up soon). I spent the next 2-3 in areas around Dublin such as DL and Howth before going down to West Cork and Kerry.


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Since posting Free Dublin has been taken off line (pity) but most of it's content can be seen on Hidden Dublin.
A.A.D. = Almara Accommodations Dublin - a free finder for Dublin


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Having lived in Dublin for a few years I think it merits more that just a quick look. The drinks in Temple Bar are expensive but its the most touristic place in the inner city so thats to be expected. I think now because there is not as much buisness that many restaurants have lots of special offers so its worth going around and comparing different restaurants or going a bit earlier for early bird menus ( usually before 7 or 8pm.)


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I feel when we go out for few days to stay at different place we find things expensive. Same I found Dublin's food and hotels quite expensive. May be from where I belong they have some economical rates. 8-)


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