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Europe -> China - Ancient silk roads. May 2013 - Sept 2013


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Tags: china, Kyrgyzstan, turkmenistan, uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, georgia, Armenia, turkey, eastern europe, silk road, marco polo, albania, Europe, central asia
  • Added on: September 28th, 2012
Hello dear future travel buddies!

I am planning a trip to go from Europe to China via the old Silk roads. I am looking for fellow travellers! I have an interesting route in mind, avoiding conflict countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and southern parts of Tajikistan. I want to go through the Balkans, Turkey, Caucusus countries Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, central asia (not so sure about that part yet, at least Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) and then finally China (including Tibet). Possible also North Korea, but that would have to be arranged with a group travel beforehand.

I am leaving in the beginning of May 2013. Using public transport and/ or hitchhiking. Total length of travel time about 6 months. Of course, if you happen to be in the region around a certain time and want to team up, that’s fine as well!

A rough travel schedule:

Balkan countries: end of March
Turkey: Beginning of April
Caucasus countries: End of april and beginning of May
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan: End of May
Kyrgyzstan: Beginning of June.
China: End of June, July and August. Entering the country from the east, heading to Tibet from Chengdu and then proceeding to Beijing. Afterwards following the coastline down south.

Who wishes to join me on this route or parts of it? So far it's just me travelling, a travel buddy would be much appreciated! It will be lots of fun with the most amazing sights you can imagine! Expect a difficult route with visas and accommodation, but more rewarding nonetheless when we reach the end.

I'm an easy going guy. I want to see all the sights, including going off the beaten track. I love nature so I would fancy 1 or 2 organised trekking trips in the nature. Photography is my passion and I want to make some great shots as well. When possible I want to hit the nightlife also, so in all we can have a lot of fun if you’re thinking of joining!

Looking forward to your reply!

By the way, any comments or suggestions on the trip I have planned are more than welcome!




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Hey, I will be in the Balkans in March '13, probably in the vicinity of Belgrade or Sofia. Maybe we will meet on the road, grab a beer or two. Unfortunately, as much as a Silk Roads trip is awesome, I won't have the time to continue through, but I may be going as far as Istanbul at that time. If you looking for a buddy for the Balkan portion, send me a message on this website when you are passing through.

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