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Europe Recommendations and Raves


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  • Added on: November 29th, 2005
Court, if you liked Brussels you're just gonna love Antwerp: the same mixture of Germanic and Latin culture, more walkable than Brussels. Instead of bowing euwocwats Antwerp boasts pretty people (it's the Benelux fashion capital), funny-looking, diamond-dealing chassidic jews and a rocking music and nightlife scene (dEUS, Zita Swoon, Admiral Freebee, Daan)


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  • Added on: December 21st, 2005
in dunmanway, ireland: shiplake hostel, absolutely brilliant. i was there a few years ago so hopefully it hasn't changed much in that time. organic farm, great family running it, beautiful restored buildings,delicious food, hot shower and a bit of a burley bikeride uphill to get there...
may i also recommend the WWOOF community in ireland-- willing workers on organic farms--google them and it will show you how to get connected-- if you have time and energy and want to give back a bit to the places you visit as well as see things from a very local perspective, check out WWOOFing. heard great things about this in australia/nz as well. cheers!

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  • Added on: December 23rd, 2005
The Black Forest Hostel in Freiburg, Germany is excellent. I think it was something like 10 euro a night in the big dorm. The place was clean and the atmosphere was unbeatable. Dinner time was special. They had a fully equipped kitchen and we would cook up our favorite dishes from home. As a solo traveler this atmostphere really lifted my spirits.

The HI hostel in Nimes, France is another unbeatable deal. Although it is somewhat of a walk from the train station(20-30 minutes once you know where you're going), that shouldnt discourage you. Hey, there's always a taxi. Something like 12 euro a night in a 4 bed room. The place is clean and the staff is great. Home cooked dinners for 5 or 6 euro and 4 euro bottles of pretty decent wine sold til late into the evening. Great way to spend a night after a day of swimming and cliff diving at the Pont du Gard.

Hotel Meyerbeer - Nice, France. Air conditioning!!! Great rates for the area and a 2 minute walk to the beach. Did I mention air conditioning!!!

Millers Tavern - Cardiff, Wales. What can I say. For me, this place is a destination in of itself. The rooms are on the floors above the pub. The owner Peter O'Rourke is one of the best people I met during my travels. He locks the pub at 11, but anyone in the bar can stay pretty much as long as they want to. After our first night there we stumbled down to the pub for some coffee. He dragged us out of the bar and drove us up to a castle and told us we had to see more of Cardiff then the inside of a bar. Maybe not the cleanest place, but not disgusting either. I made many friends there. Great times!!!
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  • Added on: January 6th, 2006
Romeo Family Apartments - Tallinn, Estonia

Stayed there in summer 2005 - our apartment was a few mins walk from the centre of the old town, but it was clean and spacious and as cheap for two people as a hotel room.

The really nice Russian couple picked us up from the airport and dropped us back again at the end of the stay and there was loads of local info in the apartment.

Plus, the best kitch wallpaper ever!

Whilst in Tallin - try the pancakes and icecream at the cafe in the curtyard of the theatre. A little off the beaten track, but worth it!

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  • Added on: April 11th, 2006
If you are in Venice then check out


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  • Added on: April 12th, 2006
Was in London Victoria this morning and picked up some leaflets for relevant companies, check out: from/to Lodondon and loads of places in Europe booking agent for Eurobus Express London to/from Plzen, Prague, Brno plus many routes on mainland Europe.

Enjoy your journey



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  • Added on: April 19th, 2006

so far fab, have not left the ground yet, but you get to view references. worth a look if you budget and want to meet people.

later, Margolee


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  • Added on: April 28th, 2006
hooray for cheap places to stay!
check out on May the 1st, I hear they are offering beds from €1 euro and they have places all over Italy.


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  • Added on: April 29th, 2006
Information for travel to Switzerland - rail,hotels,vacation packages etc.


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  • Added on: June 11th, 2006
Lots of useful tourist information about Ukraine and Kiev / Kyiv, Ukrainian and Russian travel words and phrases, transportation, sightseeing, pictures, links, and more
Welcome to Ukraine @


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  • Added on: June 24th, 2006
I highly recommend the Schloss Wartegg hotel on Lake Constance (Bodensee). It is on the Swiss side of the lake. For those that don't know the lake borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I had a weekend to spend due to working in Germany for a couple of weeks. My coworker who grew up in Munich recommended coming down for the weekend. A couple of internet searches later and I found this place.

It is an old castle, circa 1500s (ish) that has been redone to be a clean lined modern hotel. It is walking distance to the lake, there is a "turkish spa" (small indoor swimming pool) and sauna on site. The grounds are BEAUTIFUL and the staff very helpful and english speaking. The restaurant features foods prepared with the ingredients from their gardens.

Great place. Check out their website:

Next stop is a recommendation I found on this thread: "My Salerno Apartment" in Italy...


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  • Added on: June 27th, 2006
Here are some useful sites for vacations to Greece and the greek islands. Here you can find travel information, tickets, book Hotels, rooms online, and more:
vacations to Greece



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  • Added on: June 30th, 2006
For information on all things Ibiza, including flights, ferries, blurbs about the clubs/beaches, great accomodations, check out Ibiza Spotlight.

It's not the cheapest place to be, but its an incredible time if you're into clubbing and techno music. Many accomodations are expensive, but i found the excellent Hostal Roca in San Antonio, its a bit noisy and during the day the street is lined with outdoor sales but its fantastic. Within 30 seconds theres a nice Irish pub, many mini bar/clubs and more. They even hold your key for you so you don't lose it at the club Smile.

Also if you wanna save a few bucks getting from mainland Spain to Ibiza, check out the ferries, they take a long time in some cases (Barcelona-Ibiza 9 hours overnight) but its a nice smooth ride and there is likely some fun folks to hang with. Ferries
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  • Added on: August 6th, 2006
Brasov, Romania, is a very awesome town. We haven't seen much of it yet, but a few raves already:
- Ethnographic Museum - small, and pretty cheap admission (2 students cost 1.20 new lei...about 35 eurocents), but it had a really neat textiles exhibit, including an automated loom, they'll even turn it on if you ask the person running the museum...which we'd just seen a discovery channel special about, and represents really the first punch card "computers" ever built.

- For accomodations, Eugene Resinous Jr. Guesthouse. It's just a couple of rooms in a private home, but really comfortable and homey, a great place to kick back and recharge (and sleep for 12 hours when you didn't think you were really that tired.)


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