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Explore the Abandoned Monastery as Europe in Dalat

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  • Added on: June 14th, 2017
The Franciscaines chapel on Hung Vuong Street, which has been abandoned for several decades, featured by broken glass windows covered with dust and dark corridor, which is full of weeds.

Neither the charming roads running through pine forests nor the brilliant colors of thousands of flowers, Dalat fascinated me by the exhilarating architecture of villas and ancient churches.

I did accidentally read an article about the abandoned Franciscaines church on Hung Vuong Street for the dozens of years.
The moss-covered roofs, long dark corridors, and small trail full of wild grass,.. have given this church ancient features.
Located on a small hill, the church is surrounded by green pines forest. The old-styled architecture certainly enables us to immerse in the Middle- Ages world.

The Virgin Mary statue is outside the chapel. Although this place was abandoned, the locals and tourists still lay fresh flowers at a statue of the Virgin Maria.

The chapel is located in the campus of the old Tran Phu high school. A former student of that school did tell us mysterious stories related to this deserted church.

Since the chapel was closed, it has been gloomy. It was common gossip that a young girl wearing wedding dress did commit suicide there. Since then, the locals sometimes access to this church.

Da Lat has been favorably compared to the charming land of sad stories. Ignore them, this alluring place has mysterious power to “mesmerize” those who are engaged in unique ancient architecture.

This abandoned church is the “wonderful” combination of Western and Eastern architectures. While the Eastern design is featured by the tile roof that runs from the steeple, cross the dome to reach the main and extra spaces, the Western design is highly reflected by the shapes of windows and doors based on Gothic standards.

The main door of the church, which is similar to ones in other churches throughout the country, remains unchanged.

As other churches in Da Lat, Franciscaines church shares the same thing, that is the environmentally friendly design to create the harmony of nature and human.

This place was firstly served as the chapel, changed into Lam Vien Hotel, renovated to works as Thang Long special School, then Tran Phu High School.

Currently, this old church is under the management of the University of Architecture. However, the authority of the school has not used it for any purpose yet. It keeps featuring with the passing of time.

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