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Female travel buddy needed. SEA-3 months.


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  • Added on: August 18th, 2012
Female travel partner (partners) wanted for 3 month trip around South East Asia. March 2013-June 2013.

Hey Everyone.
I plan to travel around South East Asia for three months. I plan to leave at the start of March (2013) and finish June (2013). I have picked these dates for many reasons, more time to save, weather etc. I can not go anytime sooner than the start of March. Budget: £20-£30 a day or $47 a total of around £3360 for 3 months.I'm looking for a like minded female to travel with me. Interested? read on.

About me:

A short bio. My name is Rowen. I'm a 24 year old female living on the East coast of England. I'm currently working dead end jobs and saving money for this trip. I finished University in 2010 and since then have not really know what to do with myself. I have always wanted to travel, ever since I was little. My mother went travelling extensively at my age when younger and I think I carry some of her travelling genes. Family health problems have meant that I was unable to travel up till now. I was planning on travelling the East Coast of Australia but it seems a little pricey. South East Asia is perfect as it has all I'm looking for, culture on the cheep. I'm looking for someone to travel as I would feel a lot safer and happier not travelling on my own (as would my mother). I have travelled a lot when younger (Europe) but never been this far away from home. I have had a long term boyfriend for over 3 years now, unfortunately he can not travel with me. I guess I would say I'm a sensitive soul, but I'm strong under pressure and love experiencing new things. I have not got a bad bone in my body. I love meeting new people (a little shy at first). I'm easy to get on with. I’m not a party animal. I like a drink sometimes but I do not want someone who just wants to party all the time. I’m looking for someone who is really interested in seeing what South East Asia has to offer.

I'm aware that SEA is one of the safest places to travel alone as a female but I will feel a lot more secure knowing I have someone to go with. I'm really looking for someonewho wants to do the whole journey with me. Not just parts.

The plan:

To either arrive In Bangkok or KL and travel up through Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia and depending on money either take a flight to Bali & Lombok or Borneo. These are all plans that can be discussed and changed.

Who I'm looking for?

* Someone reliable. In a relationship perhaps, someone who will not go off with a guy and leave me stranded. (It happens folks.)
*Someone who is looking to see culture and diversity. Tubing and full moon parties are great but I'm looking for more than that.
* Someone who is around my own age 21-30
* Car driver perhaps, not a necessity.
* willing to try new things.
* female!!!
* A lover of culture.
* smart and quick thinker.
* on around the same budget as me. £20-£30 a day or $47 a total of around £3360 for 3 months.
* Willing to do things on a budget, but a fun budget.
* Able to meet up a lot before the trip to plan and arrange, meet family etc.

If you tick all these things then great, at the end of the day all that matters is that you are lovely and you share my love of travel.

I'm really sorry this is such a long message. I'm just trying to be safe and make sure I'm travelling with a like minded person to save trouble in the long run. Obviously feel free to check out what I'm like, Facebook stalk me etc. It is important that you feel you could get on with me too. It is a 2 way thing. The only thing set in stone is the dates, the budget and the general places, please feel free to have as much input as possible. It is your trip too.

If you are interested please private message me on Facebook or here.

We can get started planning, building up a relationship etc.

Rowen xxx


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  • Added on: February 21st, 2013
Hi Rowen,
I have just come across your post as I am also looking for a travel buddy for SEA for 3 months - looking to go in March also. Your dates and plans match well with what I will be doing as I have a wedding to attend in Canada on the 22nd June. I really hope your still going and if possible can get in touch - even if you have already gone please drop me a line.

I'm currently living in Brisbane, Australia though am from Yorkshire, UK and moved here in April last year. I too have always wanted to travel the world and now circumstances permit I am really looking forward to going :) I also have a long term partner who is very supportive but has a full time job here and is unable to travel for such a long period. I am just looking forward to seeing the sights, soaking in the culture and having some laughs along the way.

Hope to hear from you! My facebook is Jo Cheryl Davies if you would like to see who I am and a bit of what I'm about :)
Jo xx

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