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Females With Body Modifications


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  • Added on: April 22nd, 2011
This questions goes out to female travellers who have travelled through SE Asia and Australia and are "heavily" modified. By heavily modified I mean, multiple visible tattoos, as in full/half sleeves, large tattoos on legs, chest or neck tattoos, multiple piercings, stretched piercings, visible scarification work, etc.

I am rather heavily tattooed on my legs, have stretched earlobes and am about to get started on tattooing my entire back. I am currently saving up do long term travel in SE Asia and Australia and am curious if women have had any truly negative experiences because they were visibly modified.

I had an experience in the past while travelling in Mexico where shop keepers seemed to think that because I was wearing shorts and my tattoos were visible is was "ok" to touch my legs which made me feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable, and resulted in me quickly hurrying out of their shops and back to the safety of my hotel.

Have you ever experience any negative, scary, or just not so desirable encounters will either fellow travellers or locals that was obviously brought on by the fact that you stood out becuase of your body modifications?


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  • Added on: April 22nd, 2011
When travelling in SEAsia it's culturally sensitive for you to be modestly clothed, so this may not present too much of a problem if you observe that suggestion.
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