Figure out the best way to get from Central to South America, when you should book your accommodations for Carnaval and local language school recommendations. If it's on South America, it's in this forum.

First time to travel in South America


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  • Added on: November 12th, 2012
My girlfriend and I are planning to have our first anniversary in South America. Could you suggest some places to visit? Thanks! :D


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  • Added on: November 13th, 2012
Can you give us some more information about you and your gf? What do you like to do, how much time and money will you have, what's your level of spanish, etc?


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  • Added on: November 20th, 2012
Indeed one of the MUST places is Buenos Aires city.
A safe city of 13 millons people with a lot of events, funny bars and discos, museoums, open air shows, etc.
In BA even without knowledge of Spanish you will spend a good time... and also you can take Spanish classes in one of the dozens of institutes of spanish for foreigners.
From Ba you can jump to visit the impressive Iguazu falls, the wild Patagonia area, the quiet and nice Uruguay, the ancestral nordwest and Bolivia, etc.

About accommodation in BA, I reccomend one of the few guest houses in this city. The landlord is glad to receive foreigners and will help you to know the non touristic places in the city, to advise about what to avoid, and help you to understand the local culture.

Have a good trip!
Juan Carlos
A travelhelper in BA

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