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Flats in Kiev/Lviv?


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  • Added on: May 25th, 2011
My traveling partners and I are keen on going to Ukraine for two months this summer. And we'd like to stay in Kiev or Lviv while traveling around the country, which leads us into the land of not-quite-short-or-long-term accommodations. Ideally, we want to sublet/rent a flat for those couple of months (rather than stay at a hostel/hotel for two months straight), but the results are rather sparse in all the places we're used to searching.

Of course, we've never been to Ukraine before and our combined grasp of Ukrainian could underwhelm a primary school class, so...

Does anyone have tips on where to find flats in either city that are available for short term lets? A "vacation rental" isn't what we're after, but even that would be a start. Heck, if you've stayed in a hostel/hotel there for an extended period of time, I'd love to hear about your experiences as well.


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  • Added on: May 29th, 2011
This is not going to be my most helpful post yet, but I just wanted to say there is a decent site out there, I just don't know what its called. We stayed in a 2 bed apartment with a sofa bed also, right in the center of Kiev. The apartment was more than adequate, with wifi, and the price was reasonable. I've sent my friend who booked it an email, if he can remember I will post it here, but I just wanted you to know apartments are a good option.

I'm very jealous, I loved Kiev. You going to tour Chernobyl? It's only an hour or so away from Kiev.
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  • Added on: June 1st, 2011
I know Red Apple Appartments have some appartments for short lets in both cities.

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