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flights between tel aviv and delhi


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Hi! i'm new here and hoping someone might be able to help me with ideas of travel between tel aviv and india. at this moment i'm waiting to confirm a ticket into tel aviv for pesach (passover) and its been close to hell. there is a chance the ticket will fall through or end up costing much MUCH more than i want to pay...anyway, for future reference, does anyone know of a good way to get from the US to israel and then from israel to india?? also does anyone know anything about the north/south trail in israel and where i can look for more info?


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I travel to Tel Aviv several times a year and I have found that renting an apartment for short term is much cheaper than renting a hotel room. It is also more convenient it lets you feel a part of the city opposed to feeling like a tourist. There are many companies for short-term rental in tel aviv.
I'm happy to recommend one company that provides professional service.
They have clean and beautiful apartments and they are very nice people who love to help, honest and will be happy to assist you with recommendations to good restaurants and nightlife.
The best accommodation in Tel Aviv
Company Name TLV2GO - Holiday apartments and short term rentals in Tel Aviv
You can check out their site

Good luck


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To find less expensive options for flights to Tel Aviv you have to try for flights that require you to change planes in Europe - the airlines that often have better deals include Iberia, Alitalia and other European carriers. Don't discount the major non-stop carriers - El Al, Delta, Continental, US Air (from Philly) - they sometimes have good surprises.

There are plenty of options between India and Israel - I know that El Al flies direct, Royal Jordanian flies from Amman and connects to Tel Aviv, there are some who fly via Russia and change airlines there. The options are many and complicated - I would suggest checking with a travel agent. You can also wait till you get to Israel and check, the local travel agents know all the ins and outs of travel to India.

The North-South Trail you are asking about is called the "Israel Trail" -- you can find lots of info about it on-line - there should be plenty in English too.

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