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Flying from the UK to Australia

Abi Cott

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  • Added on: July 22nd, 2014
Hi I am thinking of starting my trip by flying out to Australia and I was wondering if any particular combination of airports is generally cheaper than any other. It would be relatively easy for me to set off from any UK airport, and I can be really flexible about where in Australia I choose to land. I have tried looking at various flight planners, but some input from an experienced traveller would be really helpful.


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  • Added on: July 22nd, 2014
Hi Abi,

Starting from London and aiming for Sydney or Melbourne would most likely yield the lowest prices. If you are open to flying into Perth it may be cheaper still.
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Look into flights to Singapore as well. There is a great little airline called Scoot (http://www.flyscoot.com) that flies between Singapore and Australia for as cheap as $130 one way! If you can find a cheap ticket to Singapore, and don't mind flying with budget airlines this might be the cheapest way for you to get accross.
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London to Sydney is quite a competitive route. Aside from BA and Qantas, a whole load of airlines from the Middle East (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar) and Asia (Singapore, Cathay, Thai, etc.) all serve that route.
Have you considered flying with Malaysian Airlines? Considering the bad publicity they are having due to unfortunate recent events, I'd figure they might have some seat sales to die for just to keep their margins afloat. On second thought, they might go bankrupt. If only it's possible for airlines to have clearance sales just before they go down under (no pun intended).
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This really brings back memories for me when I was doing the route in the opposite direction a few years back. Granted I took a few months off to backpack, I was happy for self storage in Illawarra so that I could go without worrying about my stuff. Anywho, you can use price comparison sites now for this I think and there are quite a number of budget airline flights that fly into Australia now from other Asian countries. Depending on how long you intend to transit, it may be worthwhile looking at somewhere in between as stopover points before arriving DOwn Under. Good luck!

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