Dust off a forgotten foreign tongue, debate the best ways to learn another language, pick up some slang in the local lingo, discuss regional dialects... It's all about being multi-lingual, baby.

Free Software Tip: Memory Lifter


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  • Added on: October 19th, 2008
This is a pretty good free Flash Card software. As expected, you can add the words and sentences you want to learn and off you go. Once you start repeating the cards, the software starts to move them into different boxes: cards that you didn't answer correctly are being repeated more often than cards that you answered correctly 10 times in a row. I've added all my Bahasa Indonesia in it and have to say my vocabulary has improved over the past two weeks.

Memory Lifter - Flash Cards Software
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Hey that's freakin awesome!
Oh my god. Right now I'm trying to become a certified translator for Leventine/MSA Arabic. And it's sooo much harder then I thought it would be. First I have to learn the legal English terms which takes a while. Then learn the correct Arabic term and...how it actually relates to the social part of the language. Fun stuff. So I feel like I'm learning two languages at once. Not so fun.

Plus most of the time when I speak Arabic it's casual. Addressing family memebers, talking to the guy at the grocery, whatever. It's not formal. So I'm getting schooled in that too.

This, ...yes this is fantastic.
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