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getting a tattoo in bali?


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  • Added on: October 7th, 2008
My friend and I are going to bali in december and we were looking into getting tattoos while we're there. Is it safe? and are there any good tattoo places in kuta?
I know quite a few people who have gotten tattoos over there but I'm still a bit cautious about finding a clean & hygenic tattoo parlour to get them done. Any advice or suggestions?


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  • Added on: October 7th, 2008
Hi, I am a regular Bali traveller and every time I go I never leave without getting some more ink done (I'm up to about 25hrs of ink work). I only go to the same shop and I have never had a problem. I am happy to email you photo's of my work I have had done if you would like. Alternatively I will be in Bali for all of December and January, probably sitting in the shop getting work done.

The tattoo artist name is Gesang.

The shop is 'Ka's Tattoo Life' it is out the front of the 'Green Garden Bali Hotel, in Dewi Sartika Street. His work is some of the best that I have found in Bali and I did my research before I put my first tattoo on. Here is his website -

Let me know if you need anymore info or I can be of anymore help. If you let me know where you are staying I can give you directions.


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  • Added on: October 9th, 2008
The Green Garden is a nice place to stay, too. A/C and a pool for around $20 usd a night (a few years ago, anyway).


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  • Added on: October 10th, 2008
that one looks really good. I know where the Green Garden is so i should be able to find it. thanks 4 the help!


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  • Added on: October 29th, 2008
i made my first tattoo in bali and im very happy with it. Smile
now i have plan to make anotherone too Smile

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  • Added on: November 7th, 2008
Shop around - prices vary enormously. I had a couple of hours' work done in the back of the post office on Poppies I, paying 45,000rp an hour, and was extremely happy. I had other shops on Jl Legian quote me at three times that. Just make sure everything is sterlized, and you'll be fine.

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