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Going back or something new?


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  • Added on: November 3rd, 2010
The world is so large and there is SO much to see... it's hard to justify returning someplace you've already been. Or is it?

What's your opinion? Have you ever made a return voyage because you didn't feel you did it justice the first go-round? Where and why? Was it better or worse than you remember?

(I ask because I'm oscillating between returning to New Zealand as I've got a WHV open till May or going elsewhere...)


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  • Added on: November 3rd, 2010
I keep on going back to Ireland. But I've got family there.

After I left New Zealand, I was adamant about going back. But that want has faded, and it's been almost two years since I've been in Australia and I am planning my next trip there. I missed out on WA and I certainly have to check it out.

I went to Beijing and didn't want to leave China. Even though I had been to Europe a few times, with family some times and friends others, I feel like Beijing is what really fueled the travel bug in me. I will be going back to China, but this time to check out rural China.

I ran out of Istanbul with halfhearted plans of seeing Cappadocia, and although I would like to see it, but with a man by my side, I don't know if I'd go back to Turkey. Because of what you're saying. The world is so big, why go back when there's so many other places...

Decisions, decisions :)
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  • Added on: November 3rd, 2010
larizzle wrote:The world is so large and there is SO much to see... it's hard to justify returning someplace you've already been. Or is it?

What's your opinion? Have you ever made a return voyage because you didn't feel you did it justice the first go-round? Where and why? Was it better or worse than you remember?

(I ask because I'm oscillating between returning to New Zealand as I've got a WHV open till May or going elsewhere...)
The world's a big place, and it's often hard to justify going back.

I have returned to places before, but - short trips within Canada aside - either because it was someone else's itinerary, or because I was on my way to or from somewhere else. My parents took me to southern California a couple of times. My first parent-less trip was a school tour in France, and it revisited some places I'd been before. I also returned to Paris as a stopover to visit a cousin, while I was making my way home from the middle east. Many trips elsewhere have involved a few days in London on the way home, though I haven't done more than a day trip outside the city since I was a kid traveling with my parents.

I have big plans to go back to Turkey and Ireland, but I don't know when I'll get to them. Turkey's a high priority...of all the places I've been, I feel like I missed the most there. I had an amazing time in the month I spent there, and after I left, came up with at least a month's worth of places I still want to visit. (Aside from Istanbul and Goreme, all new places.) It will happen, but probably not for another 4 or 5 years.

For you, it's your call. With a WHV, it might well be an effectively free trip, and you can visit somewhere else afterwards. If you're looking to recapture a memory, your trip will disappoint. But it's unlikely you completely exhausted New Zealand on the first go 'round, so if you're looking for new adventures, there's nothing wrong with going back. Every time I'm in London, I find something new and interesting to do that I've never done before. I'm sure a whole country is even better.


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  • Added on: November 4th, 2010
It really depends. If it's a country like China or Canada or Russia, the enormity of the country typically means you didn't see everything the first time and subsequent visit might be in store. Whereas, chances are you saw all of San Marino the first time around.

However, places change with time. Locations vary with season. Just because you were in Istanbul in the summer of 2008, doesn't mean that it's the same place in the winter of 2009.

I find that when i return to places, i see them with new eyes. No longer the dreamy eyed virgin's eyes where everything is glossed over, but more with experienced "been there, done that" eyes. I have bee to China 4 times. Turkey 5 times. Yet i have still managed to live in over a dozen countries visiting 100+ in nearly 2 decades on the road. Revisits should not be avoided for the sake of seeing someplace different.
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  • Added on: November 4th, 2010
I find that when traveling, I am primarily looking to find a place I really like, more than seeing new places for the sake of seeing new places if that makes any sense. Obviously I have to visit new places to find the ones I really like, but when I find one, I'm good. I want to stay there and return there. For 8 years or so that place was Northeast Brazil. Now it is Bangkok. I've returned there about 15 times in the past 6 years as it is by far the most fun place I've been. So much so that I haven't even bothered to see the rest of the country other than Pattaya in all those trips, though I still plan to someday.

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  • Added on: November 4th, 2010
I have had the same question myself several times. Funny enough after I first started travelling solo in 2005, I have a habit of always going back to at least one place from my last trip. So in '05 I hit Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. In '07 I went back to Kenya for a month then went to Morocco, Ethiopia, and England. I left in December 2009 for the permanent trip I'm on now and went back to Morocco. I've also been to London 3 times this year randomly. Sometimes my trips (like the second Kenya one) happen for a reason such as a study abroad or seeing a specific friend. But then again I loved Morocco and needed more time there and am so glad I went back. I think that each person has their own unique way of travelling. Some go fast, spending a day or two at each place and packing 12 countries into 3 months. Others go somewhere, love it, and never leave it. I've been in Bamako, Mali now for 11 months. I took trips to Morocco, Burkina Faso, and Togo where I got married to my husband who I met in Mali. But even though we have the choice of moving to the shores of Togo, I can't break myself away from Bamako. I love it and I now realize I seriously have my entire life to see the world, or to make sure I see all of one place. Right now I just want to concentrate on Mali, on Bamako. There is such a vibrant and enticing culture here that I couldn't imagine moving away just yet. It may be taking me away from visiting other places, but at the same time I've become a part of this community, it has become my home and I think that certainly speaks for itself too.


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  • Added on: November 5th, 2010
I go to the SW part of Ireland each year and I don't feel that I've seen or done everything there is in this very small place. It's so different than Texas (south of Houston) that I'm always marveling at its beauty. Other places are nice (I leave for Honduras on the 28th) but Ireland is special to me. If I could only afford to go on one trip, it'd be to Ireland.
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  • Added on: November 5th, 2010
larizzle wrote:The world is so large and there is SO much to see... it's hard to justify returning someplace you've already been. Or is it?

What's your opinion? Have you ever made a return voyage because you didn't feel you did it justice the first go-round? Where and why? Was it better or worse than you remember?

(I ask because I'm oscillating between returning to New Zealand as I've got a WHV open till May or going elsewhere...)

It's a question of breadth of experience versus depth of experience. It's very hard to get beyond the surface on a first visit anywhere. Return visits over a period of time will allow you to get beyond the surface, and have a better understanding of the place. It's the same issue with spending a month in Europe. Do you opt for 30 cities in 30 days, or a month getting to know a single place?

By the time I turned 27, I had been to about 50 countries on five continents. In the eight years since then, I've traveled abroad on average three times a year, but haven't visited any foreign countries outside of Latin America (Canada doesn't count as a foreign country for me, coming from Minnesota). Instead, I've worked on increasing my proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese, and diving into these cultures enough to develop my business more.

When first cutting your teeth on international travel, the urge is for a sort of dilettantism, seeing as much variety as possible. I found that with time, I became more interested in depth of experience.


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  • Added on: November 6th, 2010
I spent a semester in Costa Rica, but spent way too much of it partying to make the most of it. I miss that country every day, and I definitely intend to go back at some point and put less money and energy into drinking/recovering and more into exploring. Probably as part of a longer trip from Nicaragua to Panama or Colombia, though.


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  • Added on: November 30th, 2010
I tend toward visiting new places - sometimes passing through familiar ones on the way, but the focus tends to be on new stuff. Like many said, there's so much to see and so little time.

However, I also revisit places because of events, or visiting friends, or business. Every time I do so, I find new stuff and really enjoy the visits. Then I think to myself that I ought to try to revisit places more because it is fun to do. This year I do plan to go back to Yellowstone to introduce it to my son. I am finding that I do have a desire to share places with him that I've already been.

Oh, I also forgot that I do tend to revisit places when I need just to relax. I go back to Hawaii every other year. I have a nominal excuse to do so, but really it's just to experience that island feel. Eventually I will move there I love it so much, but I'm sure then I will miss here and want to visit my old home.


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  • Added on: November 30th, 2010
I think that from now on it will be a combination of both, when I started my travels a couple years ago it was with the intent of finding a retirement spot with NO snow! I focused on CA as it was within driving distance of Canada & pretty much settled on Antigua Guatemala.

My RTW took me to SE Asia where I spent 6 months & fell in love with Bangkok, kind of wavered returning to BKK or Antigua until family obligations tipped the scales towards Antigua. On the way back to Canada I stopped once again in Antigua, my 3rd time, discovered more new things about the area & also returned to El Salvador for the 2nd time & left with instructions to the local real estate lady to find the owner of a property I liked & put an offer in on it.

These return visits made me see just how much one misses on a first visit. I now have a couple itinerary's in mind, one involving traveling the Silk Route through the 'stans with a revisit Mongolia. The other to renew friendships in Bangkok, Kanchaburi + a trip north in Thailand towards the Myanmar border.

Then there is the ultimate road-trip across Canada then the PanAm Hwy from Purdue Bay to Ti era del Fuego with a break at home in El Salvador. 8-) |
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  • Added on: January 7th, 2011
Great thread. I've been back from Hawaii for about 4 months now and it feels like just yesterday that I was there. I'm in the process of returning by September 2011 and when I tell people this the first reaction I get is... "Again?!" I find that kind of annoying. I was only there for 6 weeks WWOOFing. There wasn't a lot of time to do my own thing and a lot of the time I just wanted to relax after doing farm work.

I agree that life is short but I tend to agree also with the whole experience thing. For me travel was never about seeing as many places as possible as quick as possible. I was always into the idea of finding a place that I liked and staying there for some time to come and soaking in the culture. Yes, Hawaii is not exactly foreign but it's still very different from the mainland and it's a complete departure from what I know. When I feel that my time on the island is done than I'll move on. I'm considering a WHV in New Zealand after my return to Hawaii.

But I'm taking my time with things as things change everyday and you can never really know what life will toss your way or how you'll feel about something.
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