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Going through the Gate!

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  • Added on: April 3rd, 2010
Hello all! My name is Kelly and I'm a professional astrologer, writer, poet, game designer, and independent documentary filmmaker. Recently, my wife and I split up, and I moved from North Carolina to Boulder, my home town where I grew up 20 years ago, thinking I would love to be back in Boulder. I use coffee shops as my offices and I'm vegetarian/vegan so I like progressive cities like Boulder and love the Flatirons and hiking too. My son Arian who is named after the main character in my novel Brazenwood just started playing the Clarinet and is psyched to be going to school in an enlightening town.
The reason I labeled my post going through the Gate at last is because I'm completing a new astrology book called the Tao of Astrology. As I finish it and prepare to publish it over this next few months after ten years of research and creativity, I feel like Lao Tzu writing the Tao Te Ching before he retired from society...LOL

While trying to find a place to live in Boulder (we are staying at my Dad's place outside of Boulder for a time), I encountered the 4 Hour Work Week and Vagabonding and fell in love with the traveling lifestyle. I've been doing it all wrong all these years not realizing the power and potential of unrestricted mobility. My income is already automated and I own all my Arian and I have decided to become "real life" adventurers. I moved all my stuff into storage ($116/month), I have a web dedicated server fee for my websites and visions ($135/month) and now I've got a DROID phone where I can access internet from most places ($76/month) and it's loaded with Skype...(my Skype name is kellyleephipps).

A student of mine who became an astrologer on Maui invited us out to the island for a visit and we are using this opportunity to launch the first leg of our global vagabonding lifestyle. My best friend lives on Hawaii (near Hilo) we'll be going there too. Yesterday I bought a new pack, an 85 liter Argon which has the perfect pocket for my lap top.

We are supercharged and ready to go! Vagabonding here we come! I'm planning on doing homeschooling from the road, so instead of a semester at sea, Arian is doing high school at sea...should be interesting studying languages and seeing places and monuments up close.

Any thoughts or suggestions you might have for our new wandering magi lifestyle will be much appreciated! I plan on doing my astrology chart interpretations from the road like I always do where I can just upload the mp3 reading to my server and send clients a link plus the pdf of the symbolism sheets and printouts of their chart, etc. I also do an astrology podcast called which I plan to create with a digital recorder from the road...

I speak Japanese, but I'm worried about doing astrology in a foreign language for people I meet, mainly because my style is such a poetic stream of consciousness archetypal download. We'll see how it goes!


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