Too often lumped in with North America, Mexico is a country that stands out on its own.

Guadelajara old quaint hotel


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  • Added on: November 9th, 2014
You talk to people when they get back from their vacation and they tell you how great the accommodations were, the superb service, etc. ad nauseum. Or maybe they tell you the highlights of some lousy service they got and how this just ruined the day for them.

Me, I thrive on poor service, lousy cheap hotels, or at least hotels with character and old world charm. I usually don’t book much in advance, maybe the first night off the plane, but lots of times not even that much. I look for the cheapest hotels there are and then book a few grades above that, but at the cheap hotel prices. It’s amazing what you will find, sometimes great, but always an adventure.

On my recent trip to Guadalajara I booked into an old hotel that was in the heart of the city and was built probably 200 years ago. There had been some updating so the bathroom was modern, TV phone, electricity and all that, but the doors leading out to the small balcony had to have been made at least 100 years ago. They were ornate, in a way, but roughhewn also, with a rod that poked into the tile floor to shutter them tight against the wind, rain, and cat burglars. It was on the 2nd floor, so cat burglars certainly could make it up, but I left it open that night as I dislike air conditioning and welcome a fresh air feel at night. No burglars entered.

The hotel name was Casa Pedro Loza and it can be contacted through Guadalupe Navarro at or as I did through Orbitz. It was about $80 and included a lite breakfast. The hotel was only two stories high and you entered into an inner courtyard, open to the sky, but covered by a canopy to keep out the rain. The courtyard was very tranquil, with massive stone columns and archways forming the structural support. Stairways led up to the 2nd level, which had a surrounding balcony, then a final stairway which led up to the roof top balcony and a view of the surrounding neighborhood.

I took a walk over towards the cathedral and adjacent park, where there was a large gathering of families, kids, old people, a few vagrants, and the ubiquitous food carts and eating tables, serving mostly Banuelos, which is a dough that is deep fried in snowflake patterns, with sugar or a honey glaze on top. Real health food. I ordered on which cost about 80 cents but can’t say it was all that delightful.

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