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  • Added on: February 22nd, 2011
Last I heard PEI & NYC were both British colonies back in the day, so they do have that in common.

None of the other cities were ever the Capitol of all the Spanish Americas which Antigua was until the devastating earthquake (can't be bothered to look up the exact date for this poster who obviously isn't to sure of his history).

I would also be interested just which Mayan site you consider better than Tikal.

Must say you can't be all bad though as you like one lake in El Salvador but can't really see the attraction with Lago Appoyo, nice quiet place to chill for an afternoon but nothing else do do that I saw.
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  • Added on: February 23rd, 2011
Guatemala is gorgeous with fantastic people and great places to see. It is well worth your time and effort. If you go to Guat, it would behoove you to visit Tikal, which is the most amazing Mayan site I have been to. It's massive. And more of the site is being uncovered all the time. Those unlikely hills that spring up from flat ground all over the place? Those are temples that they haven't got around to uncovering yet. It is simply a waste of your trip to go to the country and not see this site. Something akin to going to Egypt and not going to see the Sphinx. If you land in GUA ask for the Tikal museum, which is near the airport. Anything small enough to be carted away was put there instead of out in the weather...However, if they ARE making a Tikal museum AT Tikal, maybe this info is dated.

The small towns scattered all around are lovely. I can't vouch for the cleanliness of the hotel rooms, as the level of comfort Guatemalans expect is somewhere lower than 1st world. If you can get over that, I would expect that you would enjoy a day and night almost anywhere in the country.

Antigua, now that's a matter of some contention. I have certainly spent many a happy hour in the town. It DOES fill up on weekends with holiday makers from Guat City. It's colonial...But it's Disneyland colonial now. Sports bars and McDonalds and Night Clubs and over priced jewellery stores. It's a city, now, that lives on tourism. The other things that go on in the town have taken a back seat to this. That saddens me a little. Still, it's a great starter place while you get used to the heat before you strike out for other parts.

Atitlan is gorgeous. My personal favourite, though, is Suchitoto and it's lake. You came for a rest, didn't you? This is the place to do it. Buy a kid a soccer ball and ten minutes later you are in a game with ten rugrats. Take a walk down the hill and cross the sway bridge. Look at the giant Golden Orb Weaver spider and it's web, with threads so strong they tried to figure a way to make clothes out of them. Swim in the river. Just take a hike.

Clearly Guatemala screwed EMH's sister and didn't call her again. His take on Guat is so vitriolic that I have to assume that something bad happened to him there. It's too bad he didn't have a good time. He missed out. I think you'll enjoy the country alot.

Good luck.
Good Luck Out There.


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