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Has Google Street View and Flickr...

Jacob G. Norlund

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  • Added on: February 25th, 2011
Taken the fun out of exploring and sightseeing for you for the cities covered?

In a way, it seems pointless to visit a famous ruin or monument when 20,000 high-resolution pictures of it are online. But then again, being there is different than being behind your PC or mobile device just looking at it...
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  • Added on: February 26th, 2011
I was wondering the same thing today, looking at the Eiffel Tower from Google Street View. But nothing can replace actually being there. Go and look at somewhere you've already been on Street View and you will realise how much LESS of an experience you're having behind your computer as opposed to when you were actually there!


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  • Added on: February 27th, 2011
No picture can ever do justice to the Taj Mahal or traveling through Tibet & seeing Mt Everest in the distance &no way can take the place of experiencing a hot air balloon ride over the Australian outback 8-) |
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  • Added on: February 28th, 2011
Museums, historic sites and various monuments tend to be the destinations when we travel, but they're not the point of going. Otherwise you can just collect post cards, this is nothing new.


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  • Added on: May 5th, 2011
Actually, I feel like they have helped me explore better, see more, and made travel easier. When I'm going somewhere I don't know much about I'll go to Flickr, type in the place, and look for things I really want to see in other people's photos. Most times I'll get a lot of new ideas from that. Street view has been extremely valuable in helping me find my hostels and other things like that. For me, travel is more about the experience than the destinations... something 20,000 high resolution photos can NEVER replace! :D


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  • Added on: May 8th, 2011
Pictures have inspired me to go to places I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.... You take what works for you and leave the rest.... ;-)

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