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Has the bad ecomony impacted TEFL jobs around the world?


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  • Added on: November 20th, 2009
My husband and I are interested in teaching English abroad. Of course, we're interested in the lucrative countries like Korea and Taiwan...but we aren't ruling out other areas until we know where we will be likely to get a job. Both of us have master's degrees, U.S. teaching certificates, and U.S. passports, but we don't have TEFL certificates. We are both native English speakers with 5 years of teaching experience.

If you have any information to offer, please do! I'd like to know if it's hard to find teaching positions now that the economy is so bad. Is there anywhere that has abundant positions - even if it's in a different country? We'd be interested in working pretty much anywhere except the Middle East.

Thanks for the input!



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With your qualifications, you'll have no trouble whatsoever finding a job wherever you want. But do you really want to teach English? Any interest in other things like American Schools? Regardless, you will have no trouble. Pick a country and go from there. And you can certainly afford to be choosy. You can get public school jobs in most of those countries too, being certified teachers in the USA, which almost always offer a better schedule and benefits. Check out www.eslcafe.com for ideas. Hope that helps a little.


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Wow! That is really reassuring! I teach English at a school in the US, so I figured I'd teach the same thing abroad; however, my husband teaches Spanish. We always thought he would most likely teach English because he wouldn't be able to get a Spanish teaching position overseas. Hey...do you think it would be possible for us to find a well-paying job for less than a year?

Thanks for the information!

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Consider giving the Department of Defense a buzz.. You can probably pick up a job teaching overseas and still stay in the American retirment system. It is what I would do if I had the credentials. As for run of the mill ESL jobs?

The market is glutted.. I mean glutted.

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