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Help with Eu, visas for partner?


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  • Added on: September 29th, 2014
Ok so let me start by saying I am a Dual citizen of Australia and the UK, I will be travelling to the UK and the Schengen area more longer than 3 months/90 days (as part of a RTW trip) - I understand I have freedom of travel and from what I understand work too in that area for as long as I like with my UK passport.

Although my unmarried partner will be travelling with me and does not have the luxury of a UK passport, only an Australian one. Are there ways for her to travel with me through the Schengen area for as long as I am with her. I have been looking into a UK residency card but cannot find information on if she can get one before we leave Australia, and also if that will give her freedom of travel through Europe with me?

Thank you.


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My reading is that grounds for refusing entry are more limited when someone is married (or "non-registered partner") to an EU national, but the right to remain for longer than 3 months in Schengen still requires all the paperwork of immigrating, so is likely not your most desirable option.

I'd try to arrange my trip to fit the 90 day requirements. Time in the UK doesn't count against her 90 days. I know they issue 6-month visas to Canadians on arrival, and I expect it's the same for Australians. So this would give you up to a year in UK+Schengen if you did Schengen-UK-Schengen.

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