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Holy Land

Erika Ayala

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  • Added on: March 28th, 2011
How expensive it is to go on a Holy Land tour? Is it worth your money to go there this June? ;)
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It’s most likely Atmosphere will be hot, but you can still enjoy it. Be conscious to guard you, appropriate clothing, carrying water, sunscreen, etc will be cheaper in summer. Do not drink bottled water if not blocked the first boiling water or you could get sick. There are many landmines in Egypt, for example, is also a very easy way to get kidnapped ransom cons, if you go alone. So just be careful where you go… So far as Expense is concern...
It depends on what part of the Middle East you want to go to. For example, Turkey and Syria are cheaper, Egypt and Jordan are more expensive, but still well priced. Lebanon is getting into the costlier range. However, the Gulf States (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE) are much more expensive than others. So plan accordingly before heading to your journey.
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OK I will have to refute some of what the previous poster has said.

1. There are no landmines in any of the areas that a tourist will visit. They are deep in the deserts and all of the bedouins that will be guiding you know exactly where they are.

2. It is one of the safest countries in the World. The whole time I have been working here I have not heard of one kidnapped tourist. This was even during the whole of the revolution.

3. Egypt as cheap as Syria and MUCH cheaper than Turkey.

4. I have never seen someone do that bottled water trick throughout my journeys of the Middle East.

In June it will be really hot, but if you don't mind that and drink lots of water you will be fine. The political situation is fine for tourists. As I said, I was in Egypt for the whole of the revolution and I did not once feel threatened.

Erika Ayla: If you have any other questions let me know.

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I think you may want to go to the Holy Land during the Lenten season.
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Holy land meaning Israel? If so, it's generally quite hot in June, but you don't need to worry about landmines or bad water. You can drink the tap water and the bottled water you buy is all perfectly safe as well.


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  • Added on: June 2nd, 2011
I hope you are still checking your question. We just returned from our Azamara Journey "Holy Land" cruise and it was just wonderful. We were a party of 5 and only I had been on a land tour in Israel back in the 1980s. Everyone left it up to me what to see. I booked a private guide and he was just what I had hoped - friendly, knowledgable, fun, efficient, etc. comfortable van for 6 psgrs. Can't say enough. we did Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Qumaran. From Haifa we did the Christian spots in Jerusalem, Wailing Wall and Bethlehem. Both days were about 10 hours long but they sped by. We stayed overnight on the ship.
We have been to Cairo several times and chose to stay in Alexandria and tour that city. I assume by Cairo you mean Port Said - nothing there unless you take the Cairo/Pyramid etc., tour. Our traveling companions had never been to Egypt and took the ship day tour to the Pyramids, etc. out of Alexandria and enjoyed it very much except for the hawkers who are very aggressive. Port Said, we all relaxed as we knew the next 2 days in Israel would be long.
Two of our travelers were concerned before we went about "safety" in Israel, it was a non-issue and they were much impressed by the country in general, especially after Egypt (so clean). As we sailed out of Haife, my dear friend who is a "news junkie" was amazed to realize that she hadn't really found a thing to be concerned about while there. Sometimes you really have to take our news media for the biased and "mountains out of molehills" news they love to produce, and put it into a real perspective. In fact, I think that is what We stopped at Anatalya on this cruise and it was most interesting with a fabulous museum. Hope this shall answers some of your questions. I am sure a cruise to this area of the world will be a highlight of your life. Don't let anything talk you out of it. :) :D

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