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Honeymoon in Morocco June 2014- Advice please


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  • Added on: March 18th, 2014
Hello everyone,

Looking for some advice here. We are from Southeast Virginia (Norfolk), United States and are planning to fly out of the Washington DC area (international flights seem to be cheaper flying out of there instead of Norfolk). Looking at flights it seems like flying into Madrid and taking a bus/train to Morocco is the cheaper option, as opposed to flying from DC to Casablanca. Are there any other flight options I should consider? I'm really looking for the cheapest option, don't really care much about cities between the US and Morocco. How much are trains/buses from Madrid to Tarifa?

As a secondary request, I'd like to get any info on camping out for a few days in the Sahara (guides, where to depart from, rates, etc.). Or even if it's wise to go in June.

I'm also open to advice on the broad questions of where to go and what to see.

About us as travelers: We've both traveled a good amount when we were single (me: Asia, Europe, South and North America, India. Her: South and North America, Asia.). We fall along the indie traveler demographic. However, since it's our honeymoon we'd like to veer away from dingy hostel type accommodations, but we are not the type to blow a ton of money on a 4 star western chain hotel. We are looking to stay in nice riads mainly. I like street food and would try almost anything, my wife is a vegetarian/pescatarian.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say. Thanks in advance!


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1. If you take a bus from Spain to Morocco, you will drown. There is a sea in between the countries. You will need a ferry.

2. There are ferries, and many people take them from Spain to Morocco. I don't know if it's cheaper and more convenient to just fly to Fez, or Marakesh than arrive in spain, then work your way to the ferry.

3. Summer in Morocco is extremely hot. I personally would not go into the Sahara during the summer. I would wait for fall or spring. Winter is 10 degrees centigrade, so you'll need a few sweaters.

https://www.google.com/search?q=sahara+ ... B226%3B206

In July the temp is around 35 degrees centigrade. That's pretty hot.
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