Dust off a forgotten foreign tongue, debate the best ways to learn another language, pick up some slang in the local lingo, discuss regional dialects... It's all about being multi-lingual, baby.

How do you keep up?


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  • Added on: November 18th, 2008
In between trips or classes or both, what do you find to be the best way(s) to keep up on your other language(s)?

Its been awhile since I've been anywhere (going in December!), but I try to keep up on my Spanish by watching movies or a bit of Telemundo or Univision here and there. I find myself slipping, but don't have much time to do much else these days. I've recently found that graduate school is a lot more work than undergrad....

What do you guys do for practice?
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  • Added on: November 19th, 2008
I like to read French newspapers online -- often, they will have more than just articles. It is fun to watch video clips, learn about new music and see news from another perspective, which foreign newspapers provide.

I also like to read blogs that are written in French, which can be entertaining. Blogs tend to be written in a more informal style, which is useful in maintaining fluency in slang.

Of course, I have many French language films on my Netflix queue, and if I have some free time, I've been known to spend hours looking up French videos on Youtube.

I haven't been recently, but I used to go to a French conversation group that met weekly at a cafe by the university. Groups like that can be useful in finding out about francophone events happening in the city. There is likely something like this group associated with the university where you live. These groups tend to be very informal and a great way to connect with other people who are trying to keep their skills fresh. You need not be a college student to attend, either.
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  • Added on: November 24th, 2008
In spanish, theres a paper that comes in free on the internet. Its called EL Pais, and I often go there to get another view of the world situation.

Other than that, My spanish just rusts, until I get immersed again and do a little review. Then it comes back good as new.


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  • Added on: December 21st, 2008
Read foreign newspapers on the net -- very useful for catching up on what people in another country are preoccupied with before you go there. A good source is OnlineNewspapers.Com.


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  • Added on: December 26th, 2008
It's really hard I think. I read Arabic at a slugs pace so looking up newspapers is ultimatly frustrating (allthough I suppose if I put more effort into it, it wouldn't be).

I usually listen to the lastest music. That's how I keep up. Also online radio. I just turn it up and listen to Air Lubnan or MusicaEgypt. Political shows help, but they talk so fast and so angry sometimes you just get lost.

Also I single out people in my neighborhood that I can keep up with. One gas station attendant from Saudi always gives me the old 'Salam Alaykum' when I enter his store. We discuss events or Ramadan or whatever in Arabic. It helps me keep current. I also had an Egyptian Parking attendant at my old job that would go back and forth with me.

My brother keeps up his language by going to international lunches at his college.

He brings me his Egyptian friends occasionally and we talk about stuff.

It is really hard though. Sometimes I contemplate taking an intermediate Arabic class now and then just to get reaquainted with it on a regular basis.
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