How do you put together the finances for your travels, long-term or short-term? What do you sacrifice in order to save up the necessary cash? What's your best money-saving tip on the road? Share your money tips - and pick up a few - right here.

How does one generate travel funds whilst ON the road??


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  • Added on: February 27th, 2007
I'm curious...

Many of us simply try to accrue cash BEFORE we leave our respective countries as a menas of funding our travels, but there are other wayss of sustaining travel once we are on the road.
I would like to members to share their thoughts and experiences of this phenomenon.
Maybe you teach english, or secure jobs abroad (maybe short term appointments in succession ie a month here, and then travel somewhere else and start another job for a month or so in another location). If this is so, do you arrange it before you leave, or just do it off the cuff when you visit someplace new. Do you have a tried and tested formula for doing this? Are there certain forums/websites that cater for such potential employees?
And, if you don't partake in mainstream employment while away but generate a little cushion for your ever depleting travel fund in other ways - what do you do?
What hairbrained schemes ahave you thought of, or even tried. Succesful or not, it would be good to read about them!
Do you fund travel through a succesful website? Are you a travelling street performer? Are you one of those ubiquitous jewellery selling hippies? Do you import/export goods to sell at home or on Ebay? Maybe you sell your blood? I don't know - but I'm intruiged to find out.
Whats the worst Job you have done abroad? The best number you have landed? Or the weirdest thing you have ever found yourself doing for a few fancy yankee dollars? Do you do it for the money, or for a challenge, or to meet people and experience another side to a country that you have only seen up to that time as a tourist?
please tell all!
I ask as, thinking back, some of my best experiences from on the road have been when I have been involved in such projects. From getting 5 shocks a day, soaked in sweat, during a Cambodian Hotel rewire to leading divers around reefs off the coast of Honduras.
Whether i'm working for cash or karma - the experiences are second to none.
What do you do? And moreover, why do you do it?
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  • Added on: December 4th, 2007
ply try to accrue cash BEFORE we leave our respective countries as a menas of funding our travels, bu

I operate an online store where most of the goods i sell ship directly from the distributor to my customers. I pay someone to ship the other goods I produce myself. Doing this funded my 4 months of travel last summer and I would have left with more money than I came with had I not gone to the Galapagos Islands.

I started editing resume 6 months ago and it helps to. $30 for 30-90 min depending on the complexity of the resume is a great way to earn some extra money.
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  • Added on: December 5th, 2007
This is something I'm focusing on as a way to be able to stay on the road for as long as possible. For me the best option will probably be to turn my personal finance classes that I teach into online classes which I can sell on my site and which can be automatically downloaded. This will allow me to continue my passion (financial education) with minimum effort.

I'm also working on developing online coaching services so I can work with people only via email, IM and phone so I can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition to that I'd love to learn more about working locally as ideally i'd love to establish myself as part of a community and stay a while instead of just passing through. We'll see how that goes. :-)
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  • Added on: March 30th, 2008
I have worked overseas as a Hunting Guide and Wilderness Survival Instructor in Indonesia, Bodyguard, Engineer, English Teacher, Civilian Contractor, Import-Export broker in the Middle East and a dozen other things

These days I make most of my money overseas with websites, a business in Indonesia, some day trading and consulting

There are dozens of not hundreds of ways to make money wile traveling or living overseas

If you can figure out the ‘make money and travel/live overseas’ thing you can travel forever – I have been overseas non-stop for over 8 years
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  • Added on: June 24th, 2008
I get writing jobs online.. I can sit on a bus, train, or park and write... some graphic design as well.. all online... G-d bless my angel laptop, may He keep it safe


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  • Added on: July 25th, 2008
Teaching a language is always a favorite too. There are a lot of people who would like to learn how to speak English well. I have even heard of people teaching just accents (not the language) to people working at calling centers and the like.

I haven't tried this, but one might even be able to teach a language online over skype or wengo. I think both of those programs have built in ways to transfer money so that people can pay you.
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  • Added on: August 2nd, 2009
Andy from Indiana took off traveling 11 years ago and he's very open and sharing with his experiences on his FAQs section at: I've followed his activities for years and he's been very creative. He stopped drinking alchohol for one thing which saved him lots of money and allowed him to be more productive.
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  • Added on: December 19th, 2009
Question concerning Engineering...

I've noticed working as an Engineer abroad touched upon a few times on this board and a few others. Does anyone have any experience doing any contracted or consulting engineering work as they travel?

I graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering a few years ago and I have my FE certification (no PE yet). It sounds like something too good to be true. Following a dream of traveling around the world AND putting my professional skills to work in communities that don't have access to a trained engineer, all the while making money to continue traveling.

Liz Maxwell

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  • Added on: January 1st, 2010
One of the greatest sites I stumbled upon in searching for way to fund my own travel adventures was

It's 18 Euro for 2 years of membership to their database (which you can search and see everything but contact info for free before you pay the fee), which is a list of hosts aka "normal people" who are into meeting travelers and could use some help with their home/business. Everything from real school-teaching jobs in India to a single mother wanting help with her kids in Germany to bed and breakfasts in Turkey to art projects in Italy. You give 5/6 hours of work/day, they give you free room and won't necessarily "make money" to fund further travels, but you can totally neutralize your expenses....i.e. instead of spending $30/day on hostels, food, socializing at a bar which could quickly turn into $200 for the just spent $0 for a look into real local culture and the chance to genuinely give back/help your hosts, if only for a week (Think CouchSurfers but "earning your keep" a bit more). My understanding is since no paycheck is ever exchanged, this also lets you get around nasty paperwork such as work visas/tax info.

Hope that helps someone!

Jasmine Wanders

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  • Added on: January 12th, 2010
I've been working on oDesk. You can also check out,, and there's a couple others out there that hire freelance workers.
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  • Added on: January 19th, 2010
Jasmine Wanders wrote:I've been working on oDesk. You can also check out,, and there's a couple others out there that hire freelance workers.

Jasmine, would you mind dropping a few more details about your oDesk/Guru/Elance experiences? I browsed through them with the vague idea of making some extra money, and I honestly don't see how I could ever compete with some of the surprisingly low bids for work. Even with modest expenses, most of the projects seem like they yield a dollar or two for several hours worth of work.

Also, some of the projects seem awfully sketchy. Quite a few sound like they're placing vague requests for plagiarism. Some of them describe the work as "re-writing" several articles to the point of where they will no longer alert plagiarism software, and I can't tell if that's specifically so they can generate cheap, re-used content, or because they're actually trying to avoid it.


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  • Added on: February 10th, 2010
I've been working on internet marketing, yep all that get rich quick online stuff. It has taken a while but the last 3 months have seen big improvements, this month has been the one where I've reached that point where you think "hey this can really work" and things really start to take off. I don't earn enough to fund my travels yet and I have to pay off some debt but I have no doubt in my mind anymore that I will be able to do this and I can tell you now earning money while you sleep really is an amazing feeling.


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  • Added on: February 11th, 2010
On the first RTW, I saved a bunch of money prior to leaving.

This next time, I will be "fortunate" enough to be able to contract and work remotely for the same company while on the road. I think this will work because I'll be sticking around one or two areas while I pick up on some spanish!


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  • Added on: February 15th, 2010
I don't have any experience with Odesk so I I took a look, and I understand your suspicions about some of the ads seeking native English speakers to rewrite articles, particularly where there appears to be a high volume of articles.

On the other hand, I think such work can sometimes be legit. My husband has sometimes been paid to edit scholarly articles written in English by non-native speakers. He did this after grad school but before landing a full-time job. His role was to catch any grammar or usage errors, and make the language flow more naturally. Depending on the quality of the person's English, and the length of the article, it can be relatively easy or it can involve a lot of work. He's only done it within his field, but I can imagine that it would take a lot longer if the editor doesn't know the subject matter well.

This was in the U.S., not while traveling, but I suppose one way to get such work in other countries -- and have some reassurance that you aren't supporting plagiarism -- would be to make connections with people at a large university. There are likely to be grad students and professors there who want to publish in English but need help polishing up their language.

Claudine W

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  • Added on: September 6th, 2010
I have worked as an English teacher in South Korea. I was a literature teacher in the U.S., so I found the job to be a fun break while experiencing a different culture and living abroad.
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