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How far £6000 will take me?


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  • Added on: February 26th, 2011
Hey there

I've always wanted to travel but circumstances (loans,relationships etc) served as reasons to postpone my plans. I've just finished paying off my loan and came out of a two year relationship and i feel that i am at a point in my life ready to take the big step (am also no teenager - 32 years old in a weeks and half)..
So i half the option of getting voluntary redundancy at work possibly in a couple of months - that will more or less amount to £6000. What shall i do? take it and go away or stay back and try and save a little bit more?
Also how long will £6000 think will last me? My original plans were Russia/Mongolia/ China/Japan/Australia (staying with family) and then South America as a rough much money do you think i will need? And is it reasonable to think that between £6000-£8000 will be enough?

Looking forward to your replies guys -
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I plan to raise £6,000 before I go travelling. For four months in north India and four months in Argentina and Bolivia from what I've read that is going to be quite tight.

The best thing to do is to google the rough cost per month of the places you'd like to go and build a trip from there
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If you stay home and have to spend any significant amount of time finding a new job, you'll probably end up frittering away a good chunk of that £6k. Unfortunately, the pound has lost a lot of value, so I don't think it's enough to fund everything you want to do. But as spending money for a natural gap in your working life, I think you could go quite far - anywhere from 4-8 months depending on where you're heading and how you're traveling.

Russia, Japan and Australia are all pretty expensive. If you want to stretch it as far as possible, you might consider just hitting up Mongolia and China for a couple months, then heading for South America for the rest...probably 3 or 4 more months. It's not the 12 month RTW trip, but it's long enough to refresh your mind from the working day drag at home, and see a couple parts of the world at a comfortable pace.


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