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I walked 200 miles to take these photos!


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  • Added on: March 28th, 2009
Thank you, Kevin. #8D)

I'm sorry, I can't really say I have a favourite book to learn photography from, since that's not how I learned it. What I did was to travel and look at beautiful places and things and then try to capture them. Sometimes I spend a long time browsing postcards, deciding which ones I like better than the others, and then try to figure out for myself why I like exactly those cards.

Going to sites like Flickr and browse around is also a way to learn. Unfortunately, that usually also means having to look at lots and lots of badly composed photos...

National Geographic has published a number of coffee table books that I think would be good learning material for someone who wants to learn by imitation. However, their photographers use a lot of clever tricks to get good photos, that probably aren't something you're likely to do. For example bringing numerous t-shirts in vivid, bright colours wherever they go, to hand out to the children in the jungle/desert/slum areas they visit, before they take their photos...

Anyway, there's such a huge range of books available that claim to be the best to teach you photography, I'm sure you'll find something if you just go to your local bookstore and check them out. Make sure you get one that not only teach you about taking the photo, but also about post-processing the photos on your computer!

Good luck!



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Thanks for the advice Bjørn. Didn't know about the NatGeo "tricks".


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You guys have some seriously straight trees in Norway!!! Great shots.

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  • Added on: May 13th, 2009
Hi Bjorn

A Man made metroplis is awesome, but a land hand carved by mother nature is amazing. Your photo's are great and inspire me to dust my camera off and get snapping. Good luck in Oz mate.



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Thank you so much. I love seeing pictures like these. I am looking forward to my visit in 2011..




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Brilliant, inspirational.
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  • Added on: May 12th, 2010
wow you're pictures are awesome..
i noticed the Norway pics are more with green colors and the Australia photos are shades of orange an really captures the color of the places who've been to.


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Great photos! That dead horse is a bit of a worry... :lol:
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OMG, These are perfect, very nice photography and so beautiful places.. I would really love to go there, but unfortunately I can't :(


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