How do you put together the finances for your travels, long-term or short-term? What do you sacrifice in order to save up the necessary cash? What's your best money-saving tip on the road? Share your money tips - and pick up a few - right here.

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  • Added on: December 24th, 2010
In recent years we have met an increasing number of professional on-line poker players, Texas hold em is the most popular but there are 2 or 3 other games played also. Some of these guys have been making a living doing this for many years. For U$100 / year you can register with a service which allows you to check out your opponents' tournament win / loss records. Some play choose specific time periods to play like 3AM to 9AM here in the Philippines when a larger number of American housewives are playing which help improve their odds according to them.

Mortgage brokers and Insurance transcribers are two other jobs which can be done on-line as well. Many "techies" have approached me to create websites for our two accommodation locations but though an amateur and not knowing at all what I'm doing I have created many FREE websites, joined and participated in many forums to help market our small businesses ( so always passed on such offers ). So website design is TOUGH and VERY competitive with hundreds of local Asian website designers and graphic artists readily available.

Regarding websites producing enough income to travel perpetually I only know of two old friends, both German who created porno member sites, one Chinese American Winston Wu with a dating and relationships abroad site and one world traveler, also from Midwest USA, Andy Graham Hobo Traveler who has traveled and been supported by his website income for the last 12 years, now in Ghana West Africa. Andy is VERY FRANK about the large number of people failing while attempting to make money
with travel blogs and websites. It's like freelance writing TOUGH to make a peso.
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It probably won't get you rich as day trading (but perhaps now is not the time to be a day trader anyhow), but I'm starting a business/community for travelers and expats to sell neat things they find while traveling to people back in the States. It's sort of like one-on-one importing. It might be a good way to earn a few extra bucks and prolong your travels!
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