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  • Added on: January 1st, 2011
Im curious if anyone has made a career in this feild? I am currently studying development and am interested in working with community based tour organizations or NGO's who are focused on tourism its very hard to find leads in this field and would applicate anyones input.

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Most NGOs are more focused on clean water or human rights or other more important areas of development.

One community based tourism organization, though, is the Swiss run CBT Kyrgyzstan http://www.cbtkyrgyzstan.kg/index.php?lang=en
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ya i know im in post diploma course dealing with development now. I was just thinking about working with tourism since its one of my strengths and things like water sanitation and education are funding based and are usally done through set terms. Maybe 3 year projects building schools where the money donated has many limitations and terms tied in. Tourism is a major issue right now whether it be exploiting locals, destroying the environment or adding to the sex trade. It may be as good way to tacle many issues in a sustainable manner using a countries own resources. BTW the link looks great ill follow up thank you so much for your help and if you think or find anything else please let me know! :D
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