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Iranian border visa

mick willis

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  • Added on: October 17th, 2010
Just wondering if i can get a border visa for iran [ZAHEDAN area ] from pakistan.The site is a little confusing. My gut feeling is i need to get the visa before leaving home but cannnot leave it to the last minute...can i get it a month ahead or whatever ?? I am an ausralian with an aussie passport.
ta mick

Mr. Chris D

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  • Added on: October 17th, 2010
Hey Mick,

Here's what I pulled from the sidebar of

Nationals of the following countries holding ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a two-weeks Tourist Visa Upon Arrival at the airports of :

IKA : Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
THR : Tehran Mehrabad Airport
MHD : Mashad Airport
SYZ : Shiraz Airport
TBZ : Tabriz Airport
ISF : Isfahan Airport

1. The applicant(s) should have a confirmed return ticket and a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and a photo to be attached to the application form.

2. Visa stamp fee is EUR50.00 for the holder of the passport and EUR10.00 for each one of the companions (if any).

3. This type of visa is only for tourist purposes and the followings are not entitled to this visa facilitation.
3.1. Journalists and reporters on mission.
3.2. Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before.
3.3. Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.




Here's a post about someones experience with VOA in Iran: ... st=6921221

Hope that helps,

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mick willis

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  • Added on: October 18th, 2010
Ta chris...but as i said in my OP i'm not arriving by air...i'm crossing the border from pakistan.

mick willis

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  • Added on: October 23rd, 2010
anyone out there ??


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  • Added on: October 24th, 2010
The lack of responses is due to lack of knowledge. Not many of us have dealt with Iran, and the bulk of members on this forum (Americans, Canadian and Brits, mostly) aren't eligible for visas at the airport to start with, so that really cuts down the number of people who might be able to advise.

As with any visa question, you're best off actually contacting the embassy for clarification. I haven't dealt with Iran, but my experience with similar countries is that the visa people are pretty bored, and more than happy to chat with you. The embassy website explicitly refers to the on-arrival option as an "airport visa," which definitely suggests you will need advance paperwork at a land border.

mick willis

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  • Added on: October 25th, 2010
thanks 2wanderers


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  • Added on: October 29th, 2010
Although I'm Canadian, i have been to Iran. Furthermore, I have lived in the general region for years (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey now Yemen). It is 100% impossible for any nationality to get a visa at any border crossing with Iran. There are a list of countries that can get VOA at the airport, but as you said, you aren't flying.

Getting a hold of the Iranian embassy in most countries is a pain.

You will definitely need to get the visa in advance, which is always a pain. You will need to you an agency like as applying as an "independent" tourist is almost a guaranteed rejection. This does not mean you join a tour, but it's a way around the system nearly ALL tourists use.
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mick willis

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  • Added on: November 5th, 2010
thanks fluffy... magic.

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