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Is this too much? AND...what do you suggest?


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  • Added on: September 24th, 2012
So I've got about 70% of the itinerary nailed down. That part looks like this...

China 5 weeks
Vietnam 3 weeks
Cambodia 2 weeks
Laos 2 weeks
Thailand 4 weeks
Burma 3 weeks
Malaysia 3 weeks
India 6 weeks
Nepal 4 weeks

it starts to get iffy around here...

I'd like to see both the middle east, i.e. Egypt, Israel, Jordan and tanzania and ethiopia if possible. I realize I may have to cut out one area, based on time/costs. If that's the case, does anyone have any opinion on which would be better? Additionally, are there any countries in the general geographic region not named that you would recommend?

After 6 weeks in either of those two areas (or both)...

Turkey 3 weeks.
Italy 2 weeks
Morocco 2 Weeks
Spain 3 Weeks

I'm averaging just about 3 weeks per country. I just returned back from Peru where I spent 15 days and saw a pretty nice chunk of the country..felt only very slightly rushed. Think I should be okay for this RTW?


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  • Added on: September 27th, 2012
I think it's a fine itinerary itinerary as a guideline.

I confess I'm confused however about your 6 week gap because you mention Ethiopia and Tanzania and that is not the Middle East but rather sub-Saharan Africa- completely different people and culture (mainly Christian/pagan though some Muslims for sure), and you're more likely to do stuff like go on safari than see ancient ruins. So both are a good adventure but definitely pick one or the other!

FYI because my only experience is with Egypt so I don't know how easy travel is in the Middle East, East Africa is lovely but distances can take a long time to cover. Kenya is of course between Ethiopia and Tanzania, nice but I found Tanzania with Zanzibar/ Kilimanjaro/ Serengeti much more interesting. Further if you're interested in the area my favorite country there was actually Uganda (barely saw Ethiopia tho), lots of amazing things from gorillas to the source of the Nile packed in a small area.

Hope this helps!

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