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Istanbul Food Tour


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  • Added on: March 3rd, 2011
I'm planning on taking the Istanbul Eats food tour in the Old City - read all about it here at Istanbul Eats:



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It looks good.

Here are some tips:

The bbq fish sandwiches by the docks are pretty bitter and not worth eating more than once, if then. They get their fish frozen from a vendor, by the way, and the fish is NOT fresh caught.

The boiled corn on the cob is pretty bland, starchy and tasteless, not worth the bother.

On the other hand:

There is nothing quite so delightful and simple as a Tost in Istanbul. The stand by the Blue Mosque and Haghia Sofia is a good one. It is a grilled cheese sandwich made with good Istanbul fresh bread. It is cheap and dependable. Also, though you may think it a bit touristy, the sandwich places by the docks make a presentable, good tasting, and cheap enough doner. I like the beef and lamb doner's best, though some swear by the chicken.

If you have a chance, try Kanats, which are the drumsticks of young chickens barbecued with a chile and yogurt sauce.

If you see toasted chestnuts, by all means get them. They may seem expensive, but they are remarkably filling and delicious, a great treat to share with your partner/partnerss.

Pistachios are very good here. YOu can get them on the street, or at the Egyptian market. There are more kinds of olives than I could imagine in the market by the Egyptian market, and more than a few good cheeses.

The bread in Istanbul is very good, very cheap, and is only good for one day. It goes stale remarkably fast but well worth buying.

The yogurt in Istanbul ranges from good tasting to extraordinary. Even the cheapest supermarket brand exceeds by far the standards of Americas best, or perhaps equals it. The best ones, Kaymakli, or Alltan, are just creamy tangy deliciousness, not needing sugar or any blandishment of any kind. If you do the 'Bosphorus' tour on the public boat(#3) I believe, vendors go on the boat and sell Kaymakli yogurt. Its a unique tourist experience to eat this yogurt sold to you by walk on vendors and eat it while seeing the Istanbul sights.

There is a restaurant just off the movie theatre on the main Sultanahmet drag that is green, and triangular. Go there, if the quality has remained. The price is good, and the quality excellent for the price of plain, good Turkish food.

Teas- teas are cheap and good, if you don't get ripped off, and Turkish coffee is almost always overpriced, but worth tasting once. The 'apple tea' you are offered in the rug shops are almost all chemical flavoring, but it is sweet and tasty if you can forget you're eating artificial flavors and sugar. For cheap 'apple tea', buy the dry drink mix in the supermarkets.

There is a restaurant with acceptable food, and a great floor show up the main drag of Istiklal Caddesi, forget the name now. You sit on cushions and are served 'traditional' turkish fare by waiters wearing Fezes and traditional Turkish clothing. Then the musicians run around playing Turkish tunes while you eat. Its quite entertaining, but not exactly cheap.

A great night time place to eat with acceptable and affordable food, though this was years ago, is the restaurant at the top of the Orient Hostel just down the road from the Blue Mosque. It has a great glassed in view on colder nights. There's also the, top floor of the Istanbul hostel for a slightly better view in the open air.

The best American coffee to be found, aside perhaps from four star restaurants in Taksim, is to be found in Mcdonalds of all places., Piping hot and American coffee good, NOT nescafe.

This tour takes you places I've never been to, and it does take you to places that most tourists never see, including the aqueduct area, so yeah, its bound to be a good tour.

Oh- most romantic food in Istanbul--\

Bring your significant other to the cistern in Sultanahmet, where can sit an a 2000 year old roman cistern romantically lit, with classical music playing. A tea would be sufficient there, I think.

On top of one of the Princess Islands is a food place that has great food, if you can make it up the hill., I believe its Buyukada, but don't quote me.
Another great Istanbul location.

I hope this helps you.

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