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Itinary help: About 10 weeks Brazil/Argentina/Uruguay


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  • Added on: January 19th, 2011
So I would like to spend about 2 1/2 months in Brazil/Argentina/Uruguay and would like to get some ideas of what would be cool to check out and how to make the trip flow smoothly (in a geographical sense). I'll be arriving in Rio De Janeiro on the 29th of December for New years and have my room booked till the 3rd of January... Where should i go from there? Well first Let me clarify.... I would like to spend about a month in both Argentina and Brazil and 2 weeks in Uruguay. I have to meet someone in the Amsterdam on March 11th so thats like 73 days from the day I arrive .... I know I would like to see Sao Paulo, Salvador, Florianópolis, Iguaçu Falls, B.A., Mar Del Plata, Patagonia... Other than that I don't know too much.... I like being outside and the beach and surfing but I don't mind cities in the least, I love good food, honestly I'm very flexible and always down for an adventure or whatever I really just want see and experience some cool shit, meet some new people, make new memories and live life for a while. Sorry I know this is pretty broad and unfocused but any help I could get would really be appreciated

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Salvador and Patagonia are the geographic outliers on your wish list. Head south first, to take advantage of summer in Argentina. Salvador is always warm. If you're into scenes, Punta del Este in Uruguay is the hottest place in South America in January, particularly the first half. Iguazu Falls is best from the Argentine side. Outside of Rio, you should definitely add Paraty and Ilha Grande.

You should have enough time for this itinerary in 73 days, if you keep moving. Two weeks might be a bit much for Uruguay. It's a pleasant enough country, but small and sleepy (outside of the holiday scene in Punta del Este). Montevideo doesn't have much that Buenos Aires doesn't have in spades. You'll want to fly at least one way from BsAs to Patagonia - it's a long way down there.


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I would say if you are going to go all the way to Iguazu, stay long enough to go to both sides of the falls. They're beautiful from Brazil as well.


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  • Added on: January 26th, 2011
Hey Stevo-

My bf and I just got back from a 4 month trip and visited some of the same places you're interested in going, but in the reverse direction. Here's what we did:

• Salta - hip, interesting colonial town; not too touristy so offers a nice perspective into everyday life
• Cafayette - small, quiet wine region (can rent a car in Salta and drive through the scenic Calchaquies Valley for a 2-3 day visit)
• Mendoza - the city surrounded by infamous vineyards; by day there are fun bike tours to nearby wineries and by night, lots of late evenings in the squares
*from here, we travelled through Chile for 3 weeks and then went back into Argentina

• Bariloche - a former Swiss colony in the Lakes District (supposedly considered Northern Patagonia) with lots of chocolate shops and a gorgeous backdrop of the Andes Mountains
• Buenos Aires - no intro really needed... tango capital, colorful neighborhoods, amazing steaks, etc.

• Colonia del Sacramento - little town on the river with picturesque historic quarter
• Montevideo - pleasant enough, but not the most beautiful or interesting capital city
• Punta del Este - beach resort town (2-3 hours from Montevideo)
*I'd agree with Felix that 2 weeks might be too much in Uruguay, but if you're really into beaches, the little towns of Punta del Diablo or La Paloma are supposed to be very special...

• Porto Alegre - stop-over en route to Iguacu Falls
• Foz do Iguacu - the falls town on the Brazil side (we did a day trip to the Argentine side as well and I'd second Surf Traveler's suggestion to visit both sides)
• Curitiba - a pleasant city with lots of parks and museums (we decided to stay here, instead of overwhelming Sao Paulo en route to Rio)
• Rio de Janeiro - a fantastic beach scene, but can also be a bit sketchy in some areas - definitely be alert and don't carry a backpack or bag if you don't need to (which can often invite unwanted attention)

My overall advice would be to be aware of the distances... are you planning on traveling via flights or bus? As Felix mentioned, the distance between BsAs and Patagonia is a l-o-n-g way. We took many overnight buses and they do take a toll after a while. Also, language is something to consider as well. We did fine in the Spanish-speaking countries since we know some of the language, but felt very frustrated in Brazil where we didn't know much Portuguese and found that English is rarely spoken. Your experience will be much more rewarding if you learn a few phrases before going...

Hope this helps some- have fun!
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