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January weather in Mali ?


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  • Added on: December 20th, 2010
I am going to Bamako and Dogon country trekking January and I'm not sure what to pack. What is the weather like in Jan? I know Mali is always hot but I hear it gets quite chilly in the "winter" months.

I live in Senegal and it's now cold enough where I have to use a blanket at night and wear a sweatshirt in the early monring hours (or maybe I'm a wuss that has become too used to the heat).

Either way I'm not sure what to pack for Mali. Will I freeze if I don't bring any long sleeves? Do I need a sleeping bag for Dogon trekking?
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You're right. Nights will be cool. Would definitely bring a sleeping bag. Also harmattan will be in effect. Cooler temperatures but a lot more dust/wind because of blowing sand from the Sahara.
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Generally the weather in Mali will be cool and dry from November to February.
Generally many visitors prefer to surf the attractive areas in Mali. Bamako - the principal is a modern township and the educational and cultural center of Mali. The main places of interest are the markets, the Botanical Gardens, the Musée National, the zoo and the craft center at the Maison des Artisans.
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