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Jarkarta in August


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  • Added on: May 23rd, 2010
Flying into Jarkarta in August for 10 days. I used airlines miles so I could not fly into Bali. Anyway I am trying to be creative and see as much as I can, shop and spend lots of time on the beach. So now for my questions, there appears to be several beaches surrounding Jarkarta but I have to take a boat? Which are the best ones? I wanted to go to Bali for several days and the flight appears to be about 303 US. Hotels are pricey but I sure I can find something reasonable. Any suggestions on airlines, based on my brief research it may be cheaper to go with a tour to Bali ? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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The city is Jakarta and you may have more luck posting this in one of these forums:

Asia Travel
Bali Forum

cheers! :) I hear Indonesia is lovely!


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Are you really dreaming to visit Jakarta? Then you should also dream about White sand, coconut palms fringing the shore, multi-coloured coral reefs and plentiful shoals of unique, colourful fish, golden sun setting in clear blue skies… Unlikely, but then you're perhaps forgetting that the beautiful Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) are also part of what is known as the city of Jakarta. Situated on a gulf facing the Java Sea, Jakarta has four main ports from which to access the Thousand Islands: Ancol Marina, Sunda Kelepa, Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Kait. Ancol Marina is the most usual departure point, speed boats leaving regularly to whisk you away from the city heat to the cool, palm fringed beaches of paradise.
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