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Jordan advice


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  • Added on: August 30th, 2015
I usually travel independently but as a lone female in this region and with political unrest in the wider region I feel I should join a group tour on this occasion.

I obviously want to do Petra [day and night] but would also like a Wadi Rum overnight stay [desert camp], perhaps trekking in to Petra.

I've been told the desert castles are off-track but worthwhile. And mosaics in Madaba, and Roman ruins in Jerash.

I'd also like to do more than a fly-by dead sea visit - many seem to do this almost as a lunch-stop/quick swim and spend no time there, I'd like a day I think.

Can anyone recommend a good group tour they felt covered the above? Is 7 days reasonable?

Finally, I find I enjoy a trip that's on-the-go throughout but I'd like to spend a couple of days down-time at the end [can be solo without guide] so I come home feeling as if I've had a holiday. Most likely a beach resort hotel. Any ideas for this? Making it a 7-10 day trip in total.

Thanks for your help!


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  • Added on: August 30th, 2015
I didn't use them, but we ran into a lot of imaginative traveller groups in Jordan. If you really want a group tour, I'd check them out. (Their guides also helped a lot in figuring out the Egypt to Jordan crossing, even though we weren't part of their group, so I was kind of impressed with them.)

That said, while most group tours will last about a week, I don't really think this is adequate. 3 days at Petra and another 2 at Wadi Rum were some of the highlights of our extended trip through the Middle East, and I wouldn't want to skimp on those. Jordan has been largely untouched by unrest in nearby countries. It's a great country to travel independently, and that will allow you to focus on the things you'd particularly like to see. Renting a car would free you from some of the challenges of busses (Jordan mostly operates on a 'we leave when we're full' system of bussing, and most busses use the desert highway instead of the more scenic and indirect King's Highway.)

We did the quick stop option for the Dead Sea, hiring an Amman taxi for the day and combining it with Madaba. I wouldn't have minded more time in Madaba, but I'm not sure what I would have done with more Dead Sea time.

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