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Kayaking in Baja California (Mulege/Loreto)


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  • Added on: June 28th, 2008
Hi everyone!

Some friends and myself are planning a 12 day trip to Baja California in late August mostly for kayaking on the Sea of Cortez and relaxing on the beaches. We are flying into Cabo San Lucas and then planning on renting a car and driving to Loreto or Mulege. From things that I've read on the internet, the Bahia de Concepcion just south of Mulege looks awesome with some great kayaking.

Which beaches/campgrounds would you recommend on Bahia Concepcion with kayak rentals? How is the drive from Cabo San Lucas to Mulege (I've heard that its about 8 hours on decently maintained roads)? Would you recommend visiting the cave paintings or springs outside Mulege?

And, if you've been there in August, what's the weather like? We can deal with hot, but hopefully its not too rainy. We are also getting travel insurance for hurricanes just in case.

I could ask a million questions but will spare you...any other Baja tips or ideas would be great though. Thanks!

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  • Added on: June 28th, 2008
Hola and welcome!

The kayaking there will be absolutely outstanding IF you get good weather. Get out to the islands, I forget their names. You'll have no trouble getting info on the where to kayak once you're there.

(You know there's an airport in Loreto, right? Or even La Paz, which would put you closer. I only say this in case you don't have tickets yet, and it's not cost-prohibitive to fly there since it sounds like your main area of interest is the stretch between Loreto and Mulege.)

The road between Loreto and Mulege is excellent. You can see several splendid spots along the drive where you'll be drawn to go kayaking. BUT, some of them are only accessible if you have a vehicle with decent to high clearance. (Don't rent the Ford Escort thingy.) Also, there are NO gas stations (or weren't when I was there) between Mulege and Loreto. So make sure you gas up. We almost ran out, as in, begging at the military checkpoint if they could spare some (nope, only diesel) and pulling into a couple of ranchos and asking, unsuccessfully.

We limped back into Loreto on fumes after putting it in neutral on downhill sections. It's a beautiful drive.

Have a great trip!


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  • Added on: June 28th, 2008
as NTFtravis mentioned, the roads will be pretty good for car travel. there are a few highway checkpoints along the way (drugs/guns/etc., should be only a minor inconvenience). between cabo and mulege are la paz (your best stopping point for groceries/supplies) and loreto (a bit gringo-fied but nowhere near as much as the cabo area, but with a genuine church mision). i'm currently in la paz, and the temperature is definitely starting to heat up. it does matter to some degree which part of the peninsula you are at, but expect it to be pretty hot and probably humid come august in that area. i'm not certain about the how rainy it might be, but a quick check on one site indicated 13 days of rain typical for mulege in august (bug spray is probably a good idea). you mght want to consider la paz for kayaking in case the weather doesn't hold up too well in mulege. though i have not yet gone myself, kayaking out near the espirtu santo island from la paz is supposed to be spectacular, with no threat of rain until late august/september. as well, make sure you ask around town about the condition of the roads to the cave paintings. if they tell you you need a high clearance vehicle, then you might expect a challenging ride in your rental :P. technically, i think you are supposed to have a guide anyway... i assume you want to fly into cabo to check out san lucas/san jose. if not, you can skip the drive by flying into la paz as travis mentioned, leaving you a bit more tme to stop off and check out loreto.



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  • Added on: June 30th, 2008
Thanks for the info! We checked prices into Loreto and La Paz and they are much more expensive from the NYC area. Plus we want to see Cabo even if just for a little while since I'm sure its very touristy.

As for the weather, I guess we'll just make the best of it. Everyone is only free during this part of the summer and I feel like if the trip doesn't happen then, its never going to get off the ground.

I will definitely report back and tell you all how it goes.


NTFtravis, haha...I'll definitely keep in mind that there's no gas from Loreto to Mulege. Sometimes I drive in neutral down hills even if I have gas to save $$!

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