Too often lumped in with North America, Mexico is a country that stands out on its own.

la manzanilla


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  • Added on: April 25th, 2011
Has anyone been here? Every time I research Mexico, I am always drawn back to La Manzanilla.

If you have been, can you tell me about it? We are wanting something small, sorta quiet, with plenty of hiking/outdoor activities for families (we have a 4 and 6yr old, but they will be 1-2yrs older by the time we go there).

If you've been to a language school there, and liked it (and they have a kids program) can you tell me about it? Can we get around without car?

Also, if you have another recommendation that fits what we are looking for, that would be cool. We'd like to be within a reasonable commuting distance to the beach, as we are hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, right now.



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Are you talking about for a vacation or to live there?

La Manzanilla is a very small, but rather upscale beach town. It's "cute", and has a fairly large presence of people from the U.S. and Canada who either live there year-round, or during the winter months. It's not particularly cheap by Mexican standards.

Living there without a car is possible, but you'd be limiting yourself to whatever is available in town as far as food, life-supplies, etc. The nearest town of any size is, I think, Melaque, and that's about 20ish minutes away by car, over the hill. The largeish port city of Manzanillo is an additional 40 minutes away.

I doubt La Manzanilla has a formal language school, but it might have something since it sees quite a few U.S./Canadian expats and winter visitors.


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La manzanilla is kind of taking the place of nearby Tenacatita,which has been closed down to the public due to an ownership conflict.A few of the facility's (mainly resturants) have moved from there to La manzanilla.My family-wife 2 kids have been going to Melaque every year for the past 10 years-our 12 year old son loves it as does our 6 (first trip there aged 1)year old daughter.We always drive up to La manzanilla for a day or two,the beach is excellent for kids and very flat.
I highly recommend it there,however for a prolonged period for kids,they may get a little restless.There are some very nice walks all around that area too.I would disagree that it is 'upscale' -more kinda 'artsy'.You may want to consider Melaque(yes- 20 mins by car) as an alternitive for long a term base-you would not 'need' a car there but car rental is reasonable and very handy.Not sure about langauge schools.


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  • Added on: May 4th, 2011
Thanks for the replies. There are a couple of language schools there, that I found online. But I definitely dont want somewhere the kids will be bored after awhile.

I will look into Melaque as an option as well. We havent decided how long we want to stay yet, or when, which will depend on the length we decide.

Do you think a month in La Manzanilla would be okay, but say, 6 months would be too long?

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