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Last Minute Panama Help (travel warning change in plans)


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  • Added on: July 10th, 2010
So, we are in bambu costa rica and the plan was to cross into panama and go to bocos del toro. we wanted to stay on the Caribbean side. due to travel warnings - we now can not cross on land and have to lug all the way back to san jose to fly into panama.

anyone know of any ideas we may not be thinking of to get to panama without going all the way back to san jose (bambu is in the southern part of costa rica - Caribbean side). I am looking into flights form limo, but when I goto the airlines that fly from there - I get no options....

any thoughts from anyone that has been to this area, would be appreciated. We can always take a bus back to san jose and fly out or a bus to the pacific side to cross and then a bus back to the Caribbean side - but we would like to be as efficient as possible to make the most of our last 10 days in central america.

Thanks for any input to help with options....
Bulletin from Bocas Warden

To those hotels/hostels this email sent to, please inform you guests.

Today, Friday 9 June: It is not a good idea to travel to, near or thru Changuinola or mainland Bocas Del Toro Provincia. It is not a safe to be in this area, and there are road blockages preventing transit, due to protests between Panamanians and their government.

If you need to travel from Isla Bocas to anywhere, it is advised that you leave only by air, to Panama City, David or San Jose, Costa Rica. Either, remain in Isla Bocas until the protests end, or change you travel arrangements accordingly.

When it is save to travel by boat/road from Isla Bocas, an advisory will be sent.

At 7pm, Friday 9 July: Per Isla Bocas Alcalde, Joe Anderson, and Isla Bocas Hospital Emergency, Dr Luis Mou, condition in Isla Bocas is very normal, no problems reported.

Larry Shane
Bocas Warden, US Embassy Panama

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  • Added on: July 12th, 2010
Head south to one of the other border crossings. As far as I know, the Sixaola-Guabito crossing is the only one that has been affected by unrest in Changuinola. I haven't used the crossing west of Volcan Baru, but the Paso Canoas one on the Pan-American Highway is the main crossing between the two countries, and should be open. From there, it's not terribly far to David, from which you can find a flight to Bocas del Toro. You might even be able to get a bus from David to Almirante, and a boat from there to Bocas.

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