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Latvia (with a stopover in Helsinki) with my daughter


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  • Added on: March 1st, 2013
In august I'm travelling to Latvia with my daughter who will be 15 months old then. We will be spending one day and night in Helsinki en route, then 3 nights in Riga, 3 in Sigulda and 1 last night in Riga. I've already booked our accommodation so that itinerary is fixed.

Any recommendations on things to see and do, specifically with a child? She likes to be around people, so things like markets, open-air music, etc. are good too. I've already got some ideas from the Rough Guide and In Your Pocket, but often the experience of people who live somewhere or have been there is more useful.

In addition, does anyone know if it's easy to take a stroller on public transport in Helsinki and Latvia?
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  • Added on: March 15th, 2013
If you interested in markets, then would definitely suggest to visit central market in Riga. First of all it's one of the biggest in Europe and rather famous since located in old Zeppelin hangars ( ). Also during summer there is a lot of open markets all over old town, usually selling various handcrafts. And, imho, 3 days in Sigulda might be too much, would suggest to think about day trip, for instance to Cesis, also a very nice place during summer and relatively close (can be reached by train)
Regarding transport, then you can definitely travel in a train (Riga to Sigulda and back) with stroller, with buses probably also won't be a problem (most have baggage compartments), but then you'll need to fold it somehow


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  • Added on: September 18th, 2013
Not sure about Latvia, but I once was in Helsinki and got on a very interesting event called "Kalamarkinnat". If you daughter likes people, attractions and the smells of fried fish *mmm* then she will surely enjoy it. Here's a video I found on YouTube about the event in Tampere: When I was in Helsinki, a similar even took place.

So, once you are in Helsinki, be sure to check the port just in case this even takes place (although since you said you were going to spend one night there only perhaps you won't be able to take a grasp of it. I don't know what do you mean by night in this case but obviously don't go to the port at 3AM - in Finland most events usually terminate at about 7-8 PM- but if you arrive to Helsinki at the evening, then I guess you could check it, as this event is pretty frequent)

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