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Leaving to Canada from Brussels after an overstay


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  • Added on: May 6th, 2013
Hi everybody,

I'm a Canadian currently studying in the Netherlands and I've been here since janury 28th. For some reasons, I haven't got my Working-Holliday permit yet. Its been more than 90 days. I'm thinking of not getting it, since it's quite complicated. At the end of my semester, in june, I will travel in France, Itlay, Spain and Portugal. Since I'll stay in the schengen zone, my passeport is not going to get controlled when I'll cross the borders, right? My real concerned is when I'm going to go back to Canada, from Brussels. At that moment, the border agent is going to see that I've been in Europe for 6 months without any permit/visa, right? What kind of consequences am I exposed to?

Thanks !



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  • Added on: May 15th, 2013
Ask at your own Embassy and get it sorted now not when you leave for home.


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  • Added on: May 15th, 2013
And what if I dont?

Lucky Luke

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  • Added on: May 15th, 2013
Are you looking for someone to tell you it is ok to deliberately overstay your visa?
I'm not going to do that.
If you don't take steps to correct the situation, you are knowingly and willfully breaking the law.

If you want to know about possible consequences, this article has them fairly well covered: ... n_visa.htm

I'll also highlight:
One common situation is a regular check by a police officer on the street or when in a car accident. When you get pulled over by a police, you are required to provide a proof of your identity. If you show your passport to the police officer, he can easily see when your visa was issued, and he can run a background check too.

So be aware that it is not just a case of being busted on your way out the door at your own convenience.

So, yeah if you're prepared to risk having your study/travel plans sharply curtailed, a hefty fine and/or being banned from re-entering any schengen country, knock yourself out.


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  • Added on: May 15th, 2013
This is a problem.

In Spain, one person I know was advised to leave Europe and then re-enter for another 3 months on the Schengen visa.

See your embassy about the student visa, IF you can get it at this late date.

You may be ok until you leave, and then they check your passport. If you leave, it might be best to leave from a non-Germanic country. ie, spain, Portugal, Italy.

If it is at all possible to get this visa, do so. it will save a lot of worry and headache.

Also, as mentioned, any interaction with the police will cause you to be exposed, with the consequences being possibly expulsion and blacklisting. It means if you want any kind of service fro the police, are robbed and have to make a report, get in an accident, etc, you will be at risk for exposure.

This is why I'm fighting for my student visa BEFORE I leave for Europe next time!!!
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the big issue you will be having might not be during your stay, but at some point you will leave the schengen zone (as you stated to fly back to canada via burssels airport,) the Belgian border patrol agent will need to "stamp you out." at that point you will have the biggest chance of troubles.

the easiest / best thing is consult with the dutch embassy or any other schengen country's embassy and tell them exactly what you are planning for how long and they will advice you on the possibilities.

footnote: it is incorrect that your passport will not be checked, i have been going from NLD to italy the last 6 springs, and everyone of them the garda finanza pulled my vehicle out for passportcheck and inspection.


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  • Added on: June 14th, 2013
It's like most non-criminal offenses. There's risks, but it's not like you'll end up in prison. The odds of being caught before you leave are low - particularly if you travel almost exclusively by trains and other public transit, where passport checks are very infrequent - but not non-existent. If you get caught while you're there, you'll likely face a deportation order and have to leave early, regardless of whether you're done your course or not. If you get caught on exit, you'll probably face a fine, and possible blacklisting from re-entering in the future, depends on the mood of the border guard and the prevailing culture of your departure country. Germanic and Nordic countries are very rules oriented, and will almost certainly enforce the law. Italian/Spanish/Portuguese culture is much more laissez-faire, and if you leave from an airport in one of those countries, there's a decent chance of your transgression being overlooked. The French and Belgians are somewhere in between.

Leaving and coming back is probably the worst thing you can do at this point, since you've already overstayed. The visas are 90 out of 180, so they don't reset just by leaving the zone, and even if you leave without incident, there's a good chance you'll get turned back trying to reenter, which would leave you stranded, and unable to reach your flight home.

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