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Live in Bali-one year


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Hello All Bali Peoples,

Thinking of living in Bali for a year. My partner does temp chef work in the mines in Australia and has found that much of the good jobs are in Darwin, this brought us to the idea of making Bali our base (being close), instead of the east coast of Australia.

At the moment I don't know much- I have read about this 30day or 60 day visa thing and flying in and out- bother bother...sort of stuff. I mean all good if this is what it takes, but are there other options??

We also have another couple thinking they would come too, (same situation, but with a one year old). Now the men would be in and out of the country 2weeks on 2weeks off kind of thing- but us girls would want stay in Bali. How and to do what I don't know??

Can myself and my Girlfriend work or study to help out the prolonged stay?? What if you export goods from Bali- is this considered a valid reason to get a visa??? I do have an internet business selling vintage furniture in Australia-I could run something like this from Bali (with another theme)- the money per month is not really the problem- it the long term living bit....the easiest solution and the options..

I heard that if you brought enough money in or proved you earn a certain amount- you could over ride some of the Visa run around biz, but honestly don't know if its true!! But does anyone know out there???

So Many question- All options would be good to look at??

Thanks for your Help

I just want to know all options if there is

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