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Long-Term in Abu Dhabi


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  • Added on: August 22nd, 2010
So I'm beginning my research into destinations in Abu Dhabi, where I may be moving in January to teach EFL. But I'm finding that nearly all info and blogs about UAE plant themselves firmly in Dubai. So...intrepid Booties, have any of you been to Abu Dhabi (city/area/emirate), and what would you tell someone who was moving there?
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  • Added on: October 19th, 2010
before going there to stay, i would say that you go there for a tour and check things out so you know where to buy or rent a house and to understand the layout of the city to make living easy, abu dhabi is a good place with its beautiful homes, malls, cimemas and close proximity to dubai, al ain and ajman where you can go for your weekends, living in abu dhabi is simple and fun and you got lots to do and see - if you cannot afford to go there beforehand, i would suggest that you get a tour of the city when you reach there and stay in a hotel apartment as they are cheaper and as good as homes, they will offer you a chance to explore the city and enjoy your trip, you can also hire a car till you buy one.
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  • Added on: December 6th, 2010
Did a self day tour of Abu Dhabi in September. DIdn't like Abu Dhabi at all...very sprawled and city layout unappealing to me. Sufficient bus services to get around though.

Unpleasantly hot too...went to Marina Mall...which is a good place to view the corniche / city area.

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