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Looking for something worth reading!


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  • Added on: September 27th, 2007
Hoping someone here can help me out...

I'm really in need of reading something good! I need to live a little through someone else till I canget travelling again and well, I need some tips on some good travel blogs. Looking especially for something that perhaps is just on the go.

I've searched around aimlessly looking at blogs and there just seem to be so many badly written, dull as hell, "for friends and family" crap out there that finding something worth actually reading is like finding a needle in a haystack..

So I ask you, good peeople of BnA...please, oh please, point me in teh direction of something good that can keep me entertained!!!

Kathryn M

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  • Added on: September 27th, 2007
I've been looking for this too. I need something to read at work when I want to look like I'm working!


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  • Added on: September 27th, 2007
I haven't been up on my reading so much lately, but one blog I like is Daniel Wallace's Suitcasing. Daniel started out with a BNA blog years ago. Tracked his trip through China, I believe. That's a separate blog (also worth reading, and linked on his current blog).

He ended up settling in Taiwan, and has recently moved to Syria. He's not one of these verbal diarrhea types who posts just to post. He'll give you maybe one or two posts per week. But he's usually good and thought-provoking. He's also got tons of links on his site (all of which look promising -- but I've barely begun to delve into them).


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  • Added on: December 28th, 2007
OK sorry for the shameless self-promotion - but I write on travel over at hubpages and these might be of interest to you:
Italy Travel Tips
European Travel Overview - Map of Europe
India Travel Tips
Air Travel Tips
Packing Tips

Travel for the Over 30's


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  • Added on: December 30th, 2007
More self promotion:

This book is free to read online -

Chasing Rainbows in Chennai

This one you'll have to buy:

Chester the Superior Dog Goes to India

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