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Los Angeles & Las Vegas


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  • Added on: March 13th, 2015
I realise I am asking a bit of a vague question, but let me go with it. I am planning a trip to the above. Basically I travel on my own a lot, I was wondering if vegas was better travelling with friends rather than relying on meeting people in LA or vegas itself? Obviously vegas has a lot of nightlife so I would like to be with people really.

Have any of you travelled there alone? Do you think it would be possible to meet people there or in LA beforehand and travel up together?

Any advice would be great (if you don't recommend it I will simply wait for a girls holiday :)


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  • Added on: April 30th, 2015
It is definitely possible to meet people in LA first and then head to Las Vegas, I strongly recommend the meetups in the Los Angeles area. I have met many people up in the northern California area that eventually joined up with me to go to the Grand Canyon and parts of Oregon.

If you really want to go to Las Vegas on your own, though, there is a hostel a short distance from the strip (reachable by a bus) called "Hostel Cat" where I'm sure you're bound to meet international travelers if you go in peak season. Details on the bus pass to take you back and forth from the strip can be provided by the helpful attendants. I just remember that it works on a single ride, or all day pass. Again, be sure to ask!

Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun. Best of luck.

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