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Low-cost Serengeti Safari?


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  • Added on: May 5th, 2005
My girlfriend and I will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in July and afterward we wanted to hop over to the Serengeti and check it out.

I'm trying to find a low cost way to explore the Serengeti. I hear you can just rent a car and explore it yourself. Is that adviseable, or a bad idea? If it is a bad idea, what would be a good/cheap safari company to look into?

Also, where's a cheap place to stay over by the Serengeti?

Any advise regarding traveling to/in the Serengeti would be very helpful! Thanks!


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  • Added on: May 5th, 2005
You can't explore the Serengetti yourself. It's against the law, you have to have a registered Tanzanian guide.

And, traveling in/to the Serengetti is not cheap. A typical camping safari is about $120 per day, per person.



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  • Added on: May 5th, 2005
As Donovan pointed out it is not cheap, but can be affordable if you you do a camping safari, which is the cheapest option.
Re renting a vehicle, that is one of the most exspensive options, and not the best one has to say, the advantage of having a local guide is enormous, they know where the wildlife is to be found the social habits of the wildlife, local history and culture of the different tribes (120 in Tanzania)and a good guide will be a large part of your safari and make it all the more special.
Be careful in your choice of operator, a good place to check out any prospective company is either the Association of Tanzanian tour operators "Tato" or the Tourist board.
Based in the heart of Tanzania's northern circuit Arusha.

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  • Added on: May 19th, 2011
Thanks for sharing the information.....Africa safaris are great to have a visit..they are truly a worth visit place..there are many things to see there.i have not yet been to this safari but would like to have a trip.This will help me lot.thanks for sharing a informative post..:)
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