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Mailing things from Argentina to U.S.


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  • Added on: August 12th, 2008
right to the question for those who don't want to read my rambling...
1) Is the Argentina postal service reliable enough for me to trust with several hundreds of dollars worth of gear to mail back to the U.S. (this would be gear purchased outside of AR..carried by me into the country, just want to ditch it)

2) Anyone who has mailed things to the U.S. from Argentina...would you say it was expensive? I'm figuring a box that will weigh somewhere near 10Kg (20ish pounds)...the UPS estimate to get that back to the U.S. is nearly $300USD I consider that greatly fact anything over $100USD is too much for me to consider

So I'm planning a big trip in '09 mostly in Argentina...3 months of this trip will be dedicated to skiing @Cerro Catedral and surrounds.

If the budget & timing hold out I may be able to tack on a Galapagos trip at the end....but....that leaves me with the question of what to do with my ski equipment and so far here are my options:

I figure the skis themselves will be worn out by that time so they could be sold or otherwise disposed of but that still leaves me with gear whose replacement cost would be several hundreds of dollars if not thousands and would do me little to no good while traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos...I could simply schlep this stuff with me and store in Quito...or I could send back to the U.S. via Argentine post...or....I have found that a flight from Miami to Quito is really rather affordable..I could hand carry the gear to Miami, ship from there and fly to Quito...combining shipping costs with transport costs to Quito to come out fairly inexpensive...certainly no more expensive than shipping UPS plus the cost of transport to Quito...This is more like thinking out loud than anything but if anyone can give insight as to reliability/cost of postal mail from AR to USA that would be great.



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  • Added on: August 13th, 2008
My personal experience of the Argentine postal service is that it is very unreliable. Even postcards get lost. If you have valuable stuff you can register and insure it when posting but how are you going to follow a claim if it is lost once you are out of Argentina? Either send it UPS or see if you can't rent what you need in Argentina so you don't have to bring it in the first place.


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  • Added on: August 13th, 2008
thanks for the tip...that helps my decision making process quite a bit...


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  • Added on: August 19th, 2008
the argentinean mail is HORRIBLE! avoid at all costs... DSL also has offices here...maybe cheaper than FED EX


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  • Added on: August 27th, 2008
The Correo Central in BsAs isn´t exactly a fun experience, but everything I´ve mailed from BsAs to Oregon, USA has made it just fine. Boxes intact, contents in complete. Items I sent from Oregon to Argentina were another story...

There is a limitation for sending it normal mail though... 2 kg, which costs roughly 90 pesos (30 dollars). For more than 2 kg it´s a whole other process.

Beware that if you send it with a private carrier, you will have to pay customs fees, and they will not be cheap. I learned the hard way.

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